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The program was created and designed for wood fence owners who have wood fences that currently don’t need to be replaced, but will deteriorate if left unmaintained. Often these fences have loose boards that need to be refastened, deteriorating posts that require replacement and gates that need to be rebuilt. The company can rejuvenate the appearance of a wooden fence in a number of ways including pressure washing, staining, waterproofing and painting. Once repairs are made the results are a wooden fence that looks like new at a fraction of the price of a new fence. M.C. Fence knows that by repairing and/or rejuvenating existing fences they will get exposure to a larger segment of the residential fence market in northern va. When they repair/rejuvenate an existing wooden fence the property owner will get exposed to the M.C. Fence’ team of fence repair experts and outstanding customer service and support. This will help the company grow its business through future business and referrals from satisfied customers. The company uses only the best materials for repairing and rejuvenating existing wooden fences. This ensures that when the company rejuvenates a fence it will look like new and last for years. When M.C. Fence rebuilds a gate they use only the best wood materials, hinges and latches to ensure that their replacement gate is sturdy, works properly and looks great. Refurbishing a wooden fence often means straightening the fence by replacing deteriorating fence posts. Once M.C. Fence sets new fence posts in concrete, the fence can be straightened so it looks like it was just installed. For staining, waterproofing and painting fences, M.C. Fence uses wooddefender sealents and stains that make a rejuvenated fence look like brand new.

Michael Colwell, owner of M.C. Fence Company talked about this new business area. “I know there are many property owners that have wooden fences that have the design and appearance that they want for their home. These fences, if properly maintained, still have a lot of life left in them and can be instantly transformed with our Wood Fence Repair and Rejuvenation Program. I have a team of experts that can quickly repair a wooden fence and make it look as good as new. This makes the homeowner happy because it basically gives them a new fence at just a percentage of the cost of a new fence. It gives us a new satisfied customer and a great opportunity for referrals for more business. Wood Fence Repair and Rejuvenation is a new and growing area of our business that just makes sense for our customers and for M.C. Fence.” M.C. Fence specializes in residential wooden fencing, chain link fences, ornamental fences and entrance gates. They also provide commercial fencing for businesses and governmental agencies including facility security fencing, venue fencing for locations such sports fields and automated gates and entrances.

M.C. Fence is located in Purcellville, VA and can be contacted online or by phone at 1-571-436-0498.

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