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MC Fence And Deck is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Centreville. Learn more about MC Fence And Deck's recent work requests in Centreville and nearby areas!

Learn more about MC Fence And Deck's recent work requests in Centreville, VA
Vicinity of Tack House Trail in Centreville
I want a price quote for the back and the front yard.
Vicinity of Four Chimney Dr in Centreville
Hoa reached out and said our fence is out of compliance since it's 4 foot and we need a higher one
Vicinity of Saint Timothys Lane in Centreville
We would like a quote on repairing or replacing a townhouse deck, and possibly some fencing too. Please email (not call) to set up estimate. Thanks in advance!
Vicinity of Autumn Circle in Centreville
I should like to replace the boards and the panels on my deck.
Vicinity of Kamputa Dr in Centreville
Replace back fence in backyard.
Vicinity of BLACK HORSE COURT in Centreville
I need to replace the guard rails on my concrete steps outside my townhouse. I can send you some pics of the existing handrails.
Vicinity of Braywood Drive in Centreville
I would like an estimate for Deck repairs. I have a few boards which are splitting as well as some boards which seem to warp depending on the weather. I believe the deck will also need to be washed, re-stained and sealed.
Vicinity of Rocky Way Court in Centreville
A tree fell on our fence and it needs to be replaced.
Vicinity of Awbrey Patent Dr in Centreville
Vicinity of GREYMONT DR in Centreville
Leaning fence posts
Vicinity of Castleford Ct, in Centreville
We need 3 sides of our townhouse fencing replaced, along with a new gate. 6' high, and I believe 8' long. A huge windstorm knocked down quite a bit of our fencing.
Vicinity of Audrey Drive in Centreville
My backyard fence is damaged by strong wind and about 10-15 yard of fence is down.(4 panels) can you give me an estimate of repair work? thanks
Vicinity of Bull Run Post Office Rd in Centreville
Would like to screen an existing covered porch, and expand it to include an outdoor kitchen and stairs
Vicinity of Rocky Way Court in Centreville
Backyard fence replacement, my current fence is falling apart due to old age. I'm also interested in installing a deck.
Vicinity of Eddy Ct in Centreville
Looking to add about 20 ft of privacy fence to my townhome. Both neighbors have their fence up so just need the back part with a door.
Vicinity of Cardigan Square in Centreville
I live in a townhouse and need to replace the back and left side of the fence. The back is 20ft, the left side is roughly 28 ft. I would prefer cedar fencing that is 6 ft high. A gate opening will need to be on the back line of fence. Thank you very much and have a great day!
Vicinity of Jarrett Court in Centreville
We have 3 wooden gates that either need to be repaired or replaced. Also, our entire fence/gates need to be cleaned and stained. Am looking for a cost estimate. Thanks so much
Vicinity of Shipley Ct in Centreville
We need to replace our wood fence.
Vicinity of EAGLE TAVERN LN in Centreville
Vicinity of Little Brook Ct. in Centreville
I'm looking to get an estimate on repairing a leaning fence in my backyard. I'm also interested in repairing my deck too.
Vicinity of Wycombe St in Centreville
Vicinity of Green Park Way in Centreville
Looking to replace my fence at the townhouse
Vicinity of Cranoke Street in Centreville
Looking for estimate on installation of 6 foot wood fence, some old fence removal needed. I am working from home Friday so it would be great if someone could come out then.
Vicinity of Basingstoke Loop in Centreville
End unit townhome needs fences three sides.
Vicinity of Creek Run Drive in Centreville
We are looking to replace our current fence that has begun to warp beyond repair. Email is the best form of contact. Would like to schedule a free consultation, after 4pm on weekdays is the best unless we can schedule on weekends. Thanks!
Vicinity of Trinity Parkway, C/o Carfax in Centreville
For upcoming sales meeting at Lansdowne Resort in Leesburg, looking to line entry circle with temp fence that we can then hang banners from. Theme is a cycling race, so we want to make it look like a race environment.
Vicinity of Chelnham Ct in Centreville
Vicinity of Great Rocky Run in Centreville
Existing fence needs to be replaced and we are just starting the research to see the cost.
Vicinity of Crenshaw Drive in Centreville
Cost request for rear privacy fence
Vicinity of Brookmere Drive in Centreville
Would like to get estimate to replace two wood gates.
Vicinity of Battery Ridge Lane in Centreville
Townhouse fence down due to strong wind. Need estimate for repair or new fence installation.
Vicinity of Red River Dr in Centreville
I have a small townhouse and we need a new fence.
Vicinity of Darkwood Dr. in Centreville
I am looking for a privacy fences (wood/vinyl) to build around my front and side yard. Some part will be 8' high on side yard, and the rest in front yard only 4' high. Please let me know when can you come to give me a cost estimate, and I am available tomorrow. Thank you.
Vicinity of Chelnham Ct in Centreville
We are building a new home in Centreville, VA - est completion Sep/Oct 2017. We want to compare estimates well in advance to begin the deck and fence projects shortly after move-in. Thank you, Lili
Vicinity of Whitechapel Ct. in Centreville
Need to replace front Guardrails of the house.
Vicinity of Compton Lane in Centreville
Build 6ft tall wooden fence around backyard.
Vicinity of Eagle Tavern Ln in Centreville
I'm looking to get a price to close up the existing fence around my backyard. Essentially add two sections of fence (with gates) on each side of house.
Vicinity of Coachway Dr. in Centreville
Need to replace wood fence, about six feet high, total length about 200 feet, with three gates. Previous owner let landscaping slide, do I need to get it cleared before you can do the work or would you include that in your service?
Vicinity of Rocky Run Drive in Centreville
-- one chain link gate 6'H x 3'W -- approx 20-25 ties to re-secure chain link fencing to base rail -- re-set 2 base rails into end pieces
Vicinity of Joel Beach Ln. in Centreville
I'm looking for a fence estimate for my backyard. Please e-mail or call me to setup a time as I'd like to be there. Thanks.
Vicinity of Woodspring Court in Centreville
I live in a townhouse and both my neighbors have fenced in yards. I would like to enclose the backyard, so all I need is 20 feet of straight fencing with a gate in the middle. I am looking for shadowbox style wood fencing as that is what the other homes have.
Vicinity of Coleman Ct in Centreville
I currently have fence on my backyard and would like to extend side and back of the fence.
Vicinity of Four Chimney Drive in Centreville
I have fallen and broken my ankle. My steps into my townhouse do not have a railing. I need an estimate. I have one step down onto the porch, then I have 1 step and then I have another step down to the sidewalk.
Vicinity of Basingstoke Loop in Centreville
End unit townhome - 3 side-fence.
Vicinity of Round Lick Lane in Centreville
I am interested in an estimate for a 3-rail split-rail double=gate fence of about 125 linear feet.
Vicinity of Chandley Farm Cir in Centreville
Existing Fence needs to be either needs full replacement or at least replace the wood boards (posts may be fine) Rough total feet about 400 to 500 feet Mike
Vicinity of Hartwood Ln in Centreville
Interested in fencing our yard for a dog. We have a side yard that is viewable from the street/front of house so a decorative fence is important (possibly aluminum?) We also live in a neighborhood with an HOA so we would need to get a fence plan approved prior to the project starting. We have a paper plat of our property lot but do you all ensure that the fence is within our property line before starting? Thanks!!
Vicinity of Barrymore Road in Centreville
I have two separate gates that need to be repaired. One is a two door gate and one of the doors came completely off. Both gates need new hinges and handles. I prefer to make arrangements via my email address if possible.
Vicinity of Basingstoke Loop in Centreville
I would like to replace an existing wood fence - same style.
Vicinity of Smithwood Drive in Centreville
I would like an estimate for a new wood fence in my back yard. I live in a town home.
Vicinity of Northbourne Dr in Centreville
Would like to install fence
Vicinity of Westwater Ct in Centreville
Hi, I live in a townhouse that has fencing that runs between each property at the back. I understand that what I desperately need replaced is 2 pieces of 8' sections and comes pre-fab. I am an Angie's List member and would love to get an estimate from you. I am available next week M-Th after 3 and all day Friday. Thanks!
Vicinity of Kerrywood Circle in Centreville
Deck repair - loose boards & railing & steps
Vicinity of Gresham Lane in Centreville
I have a 20 foot section of wooden security whose posts rotted out and the fence collapsed. I need the fence and a gate replaced.
Vicinity of Wetherburn Drive in Centreville
Remove and replace old split rail fence.
Vicinity of Gresham Lane in Centreville
Need to replace our current fence. Live in a Townhouse community.
Vicinity of Sherborne Knolls in Centreville
Take part of my fence off to have a stump removed which is under the fence in the back yard. After the stump is removed to put the fence back and to replace the one area. To make look as best as possible. I did get your name from Angies list. Thank you .
Vicinity of Flower Hill Ct in Centreville
I would like to make an appointment to get an estimate for a fence in my end-unit townhouse. I'm available in this Thursday and Friday.
Vicinity of Carriage Way Ct in Centreville
We have about 25-30 feet of fence that is leaning and needs to be repaired.
Vicinity of Lock Dr in Centreville
Please provide itemized estimate for repair and replacement of the fence in the rear yard. The tenant will not be home, but the gate in the rear does not latch so it's accessible from the rear. Please let me know when someone is scheduled to go to the property and provide estimates as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Cabells Mill Dr in Centreville
I Want to have a estimate of Wooded Fence at my home. Thanks.
Vicinity of Stillfield Court in Centreville
We would like estimates to replace approx. 60 feet of fencing, with 2 gates, on both sides of our home. We would also like an estimate to replace our back deck, approx. 750 sq. ft. Thank you.
Vicinity of Sherborne Knls in Centreville
Hello~ I would like to get a quote on a fence for my backyard.
Vicinity of Compton Road in Centreville
Looking to replace 1400 feet of 3 board horse fence about 4 feet tall. Can't find anyone with prices under $10. per foot. I'm not looking for pretty, just functional. What kind of prices do you offer?
Vicinity of Black Horse Ct. in Centreville
Need to wood fence replaced, one section has fell down. I live in the Newgate Townhouse subdivision in Centerville, VA.
Vicinity of Winding Woods Court in Centreville
Sully station town home, end unit needs replacement same style fence with gate
Vicinity of Barren Springs Ct in Centreville
Need about 35 ft of privacy fence replaced in my townhouse backyard. One of the posts next to my house is leaning a lot and is close to touching my electric meter.
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