Work Requests in Fairfax

MC Fence And Deck is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Fairfax. Learn more about MC Fence And Deck's recent work requests in Fairfax and nearby areas!

Learn more about MC Fence And Deck's recent work requests in Fairfax, VA
Vicinity of Cornell Rd in Fairfax
Want to fence in back yard to keep young kids from wandering
Vicinity of Morning Ride Circle in Fairfax
Privacy fence for home in Alexandria quote
Vicinity of Trapp Road in Fairfax
I'd like to get a quote on a fence and deck/screened in porch please. Thanks
Vicinity of Chain Bridge Road in Fairfax
We would like a quote on a privacy fence for a portion of our property. We have used you at our previous home.
Vicinity of Tumbleweed Ct in Fairfax
Looking to install a 4' brown vinyl picket fence in my backyard of newly purchased home.
Vicinity of Boxford Ct. in Fairfax
We have a large back yard and need to have our fence replaced. We will need two gates, one on either side of the house. We are interested in talking with someone about the best materials and approach.
Vicinity of Sideburn Rd in Fairfax
Replace significantly deteriorated rear of property spilt rain fence with new 3 rail "estate" rail fence (not Braddock style). The estimate length is 80 feet on back with another 20 section of fencing perpendicular to rear line to end of house to enclose back yard. Gate required along this 20-foot section. Looking initially at wood but will like to consider PVC also. Also, would like to consider a 20-foot section along rear property fence line at rear corner with privacy height fence. This section of yard is at slightly different level in which I am reviewing possibly of retainer wall. Additionally, also considering replacing the deteriorated front yard split rail fence with similar style as rear fence 3 rail. This front fence line is L shaped and runs about 60 feet in total.
Vicinity of Farrcroft Green in Fairfax
Wood gate needs to be replaced
Vicinity of Gregg Ct in Fairfax
Back yard fence replacement of townhome. Possible extension of backyard
Vicinity of Shadow Valley Drive in Fairfax
Looking for an estimate to install a fence in part of the backyard to reduce noise
Vicinity of Alexander Cornell Drive in Fairfax
Backyard fence
Vicinity of Crouch Drive in Fairfax
I need a plain white vinyl fence, 7' tall and 68' long, no gate.
Vicinity of Rose Path Cir in Fairfax
Need a quote for a new fence for the small backyard at my townhouse.
Vicinity of Collingham Dr in Fairfax
We are looking to build a chain link fence around our back yard, tall enough for large dogs (4-5 ft?)
Vicinity of Orchard St in Fairfax
Need quote for fense
Vicinity of Mount Echo Ln in Fairfax
I would like to have a six foot privacy fence installed around the backyard of my home. I currently have a 3 ft chain link fence and some more decorative fencing facing the front yard. Thanks!
Vicinity of Gainsborough Dr in Fairfax
Putting in a 6ft privacy fence on one side of the house 60ft x 15 ft and one straight Line of 15 feet with a gate
Vicinity of in Fairfax
I need a quote for solid, capped wood fence. 180 ft long 5 ft high.
Vicinity of Anne Pl in Fairfax
We need a quote for 6 ft tall fencing around our backyard
Vicinity of Tedrich Blvd in Fairfax
Need estimate for new small 6x9 ground level pressure treated deck as well as refurbishing old deck with composite decking material.
Vicinity of Brookwood Drive in Fairfax
Looking for new fence in backyard, sticking to existing footprint. Would like to do wood privacy and if not cost prohibitive a vinyl front.
Vicinity of Addison Rd in Fairfax
Need a quote on a Vinyl privacy fence across my yard
Vicinity of Eastlake Dr in Fairfax
Section of chain link fence removed last year, would like it replaced, approximately 25ft of fencing and 1 gate to be installed.
Vicinity of Sweethorn Ct in Fairfax
Hey I am helping my parents find someone to rebuild our townhouse fence. We have very little fencing but are in need of new posts and shadow box style fencing.
Vicinity of DORR AVE.FAIRFAX VA in Fairfax
Need a chain link fence repaired
Vicinity of Glenmere Road in Fairfax
I'm looking for nine 10 or 11 foot split rails for a snake or zigzag fence.
Vicinity of Raeburn Court in Fairfax
I am looking for a fence quote and a double gate entrance to the backyard. One side of my house is not fenced in. I have used your company a few years ago. Thanks!
Vicinity of Ashmeade Drive in Fairfax
Fence front yard
Vicinity of Northwood Road in Fairfax
Small long-range around HVAC units one one side of house, and fence around trash/recycle on other side. You guys did our perimeter fence for our development, and fences for our neighbors around their HVAC units. Most Mondays are best for me. Around most of the day mondays
Vicinity of Bruzzo Woods Ct in Fairfax
Looking for estimate for deck/patio in Willowsford neighborhood. Address not on google maps (but is on Waze). Home construction complete March 24. Deck will need to accommodate hot tub.
Vicinity of Brookgreen Drive in Fairfax
I need a gate on my deck
Vicinity of Orchard Drive in Fairfax
I have a wood deck approximately 6 years old. I would like the decking and possibly railing or at least railing caps replaced with a composite material. Also need one 4x4 post replaced.
Vicinity of Allenby Rd in Fairfax
Deck restoration estimate
Vicinity of Glen Alden Rd in Fairfax
Replace approx 60 linear feet of board on board 6' height fencing, haul away old fencing, remove and install new gate with latch.
Vicinity of Annamohr Drive in Fairfax
Looking to replace our 20 year old backyard fence.
Vicinity of Trumbo CT in Fairfax
Townhome by Ryland front porch railing is rusting out. Need an estimate to repair or replace.
Vicinity of Pennypacker Lane in Fairfax
We would like to replace our wooden fence with a new vinyl fence and would like to get an estimate from your company.
Vicinity of Farmland Drive in Fairfax
Fence gates replacement, fence possibly? Build deck.
Vicinity of Commonwealth Blvd in Fairfax
I want a fence in the back of my house.
Vicinity of Pinecrest Heights Dr in Fairfax
Replace deck floor
Vicinity of Greenshank Ct in Fairfax
Seeking free itemized estimate to sand deck/rail/stair flat services, replace as a few rotten boards as needed, and stain (solid color) entire deck.
Vicinity of Falcon Wood Pl in Fairfax
Yard is partially enclosed on 3 sides. Need 4th side enclosed approximately 35' to 40' feet in length in black aluminum, 4 feet high including gate.
Vicinity of in Fairfax
Hello - I'm opening restaurant in Fairfax VA and need an L shaped outdoor fence for about 90 sq ft. Need this done as soon as possible
Vicinity of Anvil Court in Fairfax
We want to replace a wood fence with a solid other product low maintenance fence. Large property, 2 gates ( Pool in yard) inside small fencing . Looking for estimates
Vicinity of BIRCH POND LN in Fairfax
Need deck resurfaced (stained)
Vicinity of Windsor Hills Dr in Fairfax
Looking for a backyard fence to contain a dog. Email communication is best.
Vicinity of Rippon Lodge Drive in Fairfax
Need boards replaced in our perimeter fence.
Vicinity of Virginia Street in Fairfax
Replace chain link fence with new or design ideas for other option.
Vicinity of Robey's Meadow Lane in Fairfax
Vicinity of Washington St in Fairfax
Update my front porch
Vicinity of Grovewood Way in Fairfax
E-mail is the best way to reach me. I'd like to schedule an estimate to see how much it would cost to replace my fence.
Vicinity of Orchard Street in Fairfax
Need roughly 220 linear feet of pool fencing needs to be 6'ft tall.
Vicinity of White Birch Court in Fairfax
1. Fence replacement (a section) 2. Option for enclosing yard with back fence.
Vicinity of Maximilian Ct in Fairfax
Need new brick patio and some deck maintenance
Vicinity of Belle Cote Ln in Fairfax
Need the estimate for fencing my yard.
Vicinity of Tedrich Blvd in Fairfax
Hi, I am the owner of a house in Fairfax, VA and I am looking to have a fence built on my lot (approx. 0.25 acre). The fence should be a 4 feet picket fence on the front and side; and a 7 feet privacy fence in the back. Please let us know if you are interested by such a project and would like to meet at our home to evaluate more precisely the project. Thank you.
Vicinity of Tara Dr in Fairfax
I would like to build a 14 x 20 new deck.
Vicinity of Sideburn Road in Fairfax
Deck is in need of repair. Loose boards and some instability. Also want quote on building stairs from deck to ground. And possible redo of back space. Primary concern is deck though.
Vicinity of Sideburn Rd in Fairfax
We'd like to get the 2 chewed up boards replaced along with replacing any decking boards and stairs that need to be replaced. Refinishing and restaining. Another option we'd like to consider is redoing all the decking boards, rails, pickets and stairs in composite. Replacing the fence under the deck with matching railing. And also running deck drainage system like the rain escape or equivalent. We are not tied to Trex.
Vicinity of Dorothy Ct in Fairfax
Approx 250 linear feet of black aluminum fence in two sections. Single gate on one section (about 160') and double gate on other (about 100'). will need rackable fence.
Vicinity of Bideford Square in Fairfax
Hi! We are looking to finish off our fence to our small backyard area (we live in a town home and our neighbors both have fences).
Vicinity of Hickory Knoll Pl in Fairfax
Trex deck repair
Vicinity of Tedrich Blvd in Fairfax
Want and estimate on a four board Paddock Fence
Vicinity of Tara Dr in Fairfax
Would like to build a new Deck. I haven't decided on the design or material yet.
Vicinity of Foxhole Drive in Fairfax
Replacement of about a 200 sq ft townhouse deck
Vicinity of Taylor Dr in Fairfax
Vicinity of Sideburn Road in Fairfax
Clean, repair, and stain fencing and deck
Vicinity of Assembly Dr in Fairfax
We live in townhouses and out back fence is in need of repair. The long portion of the fence became partially detached from one of the corner posts and was leaning over. Not sure if this is something you can help with or if it is too small of a job. Thanks
Vicinity of Overbrook Road in Fairfax
I would like to get an estimate to replace my Wood deck and Screen Porch with Composite
Vicinity of Pine St in Fairfax
I manage the above address. Can you email me a time when a rep can meet me at the property for an estimate on a chain link fence? Thanks
Vicinity of Collier Road in Fairfax
I have an aluminum fence that black in the front of my house and regular silver aluminum for the rest of the property. I am interested in extending my fence on one side of my property and would like an estimate please thank you
Vicinity of Roberts Rd in Fairfax
Nee need old privacy fence replaced
Vicinity of White Birch Ct in Fairfax
Fence blew over in wind.
Vicinity of Thompson Rd in Fairfax
Looking to replace existing deck and replace wood fence with aluminum.
Vicinity of Nancyann Way in Fairfax
We used you before on our prior home! We have 5 different fences, all of which are neighbors' fences backing our property. We have 3 little children and 1 German Shepherd and need the fences consistent all the way around. Our 1 neighbor has a 6' plank on plank privacy fence that we would like to continue around. We prefer to use you instead of their fencing company, so I need you to come out to see if you can do the job, and for how much.
Vicinity of LINDSEY MEADOW CT in Fairfax
Need front entrance railing
Vicinity of Heron Ridge Dr in Fairfax
I need a back yard wood fence repair. A post and some wood broken from being hit with a lacrosse ball. Thank you.
Vicinity of Raeburn Ct in Fairfax
We'd like to match to wooden fence in half the yard. 6 feet high x about 90 feet wide.
Vicinity of MELVILLE LANE in Fairfax
Want to replace and existing fence with a higher privacy fence.
Vicinity of Jancie Rd in Fairfax
Looking to get an estimate for a wooden fence for back yard
Vicinity of Colton Street in Fairfax
We are thinking of buying this house and figuring out cost to fix it up. We have put a good faith estimate down and have financing and had inspection, etc. We are in negotiations with the seller about what he needs to fix up and am trying to figure out how much money we need to leave after negotiations for us to build a chain link fence. We would fence in the back yard. We would want it done ASAP. We close Dec 28. Need to know estimate today if possible as writing up what owner needs to fix up tonight.
Vicinity of Middle Ridge Dr in Fairfax
I'm look for a 6' wood privacy fence. Approximately 145' of fence with two 4'6" gates.
Vicinity of Collis Oak Ct in Fairfax
I would like a quote for one or two metal safety handrails for the front 2 concrete steps of my townhouse please. Thank you
Vicinity of Raeburn Court in Fairfax
Looking for quote for a six foot wood fence, 76X86.
Vicinity of Pennypacker Lane in Fairfax
I have an existing 3.5 foot vinyl picket fence with one gate. I would like to replace with a 4 high foot panel with similar gate placement.
Vicinity of Byrd Dr. in Fairfax
Interested in replacing chain link fence to a privacy fence.
Vicinity of Wheatstone Drive in Fairfax
Need balister for basement
Vicinity of Highland Oaks Ct in Fairfax
Planning to install the fence. Need an estimate, Thanks !
Vicinity of Ashleigh Road in Fairfax
I would like an estimate to fence our backyard.
Vicinity of Bradwater St in Fairfax
Wooden deck and fencing behind townhouse: Fence is buckling, several planks on the deck are coming up / splintering and whole thing needs to be protected
Vicinity of Maple St in Fairfax
I need the boards on my deck replaced
Vicinity of Commonwealth Blvd in Fairfax
I would like to have a 6 foot high stockade fence replaced. Approximately 90 feet straight line, no gates. Old fencing would have to be removed and taken away.
Vicinity of Spode Court in Fairfax
We installed a Trex deck (flooring) with wood rails last year. We'd like a quote to swap out the rails and band-board with composite materials (i.e., as if we'd gone with composite all along). We had the deck built with this transition in mind, so we are set up to do this. And, we'd like a quote for fencing that frame the entrance to our backyard, as well as run the length of our backyard (front and back fence only, leaving the side chain link fencing). The question is, how do we determine if the existing fence is on our property or the the neighbors' properties. And, what are the rules for fence placement (4" inside our property line or more)? Given the anticipated cost, we likely are looking at late winter/early spring for this work, but would like to get a quote now (understand there may be some price variability for resource costs), so we can budget.
Vicinity of Braxton Wood Court in Fairfax
Looking to schedule an estimate: May19pm or May22am
Vicinity of Castleford Ct in Fairfax
Vicinity of Ashcroft Way in Fairfax
Back yard privacy/dog containment fence. Steep hill in one corner and majority in wooded/natural area. Need to be able to work around trees and move some downed trees.
Vicinity of Wheeled Caisson Sq in Fairfax
My HOA would like the bowed pieces to be fixed, also, do you stain fences?? I'll already have a powerwasher come by Saturday, 4/22/2017. Residential. Townhouse, middle.
Vicinity of Albion Court in Fairfax
Would like a free estimate
Vicinity of Sweethorn Ct. in Fairfax
Vicinity of John Ayres Drive in Fairfax
I'd like to get a quote for a small wood fence project. I need gates installed on both sides of my home. One section is approx 3 feet and the other side is 8. Thank you
Vicinity of Virginia Willow Dr in Fairfax
I would like an estimate for installing a hand rail on my patio steps
Vicinity of Warm Hearth Circle in Fairfax
I'm in the process of getting estimates to replace warped deck and fence boards. Please let me know when we could schedule an appointment. Thank you.
Vicinity of CHristopher St in Fairfax
Need a new fence on the side of our driveway
Vicinity of Field Lark Ct in Fairfax
Replace the front and left fence. I would like to have the dog ear type with gate
Vicinity of NONQUITT DR in Fairfax
Townhouse need road-facing fence replaced. (4x) 4x4 posts. (2x) panels (8' or 10' Length panels 6 ft high), plus gate & hardware.
Vicinity of Grand Junction Drive in Fairfax
I simply need a new fence. I live in a townhouse and there are two panels on each side (shared with neighbors) and two panels and a gate for the back.
Vicinity of Prince William Dr. in Fairfax
Need to replace pool fence, wood about 100 feet , 20 posts 4x4x8 (6' above ground), pickets in both sides & a gate plus painting later on this summer.
Vicinity of Providence Way in Fairfax
We would like to add a screened porch off our dining room (ground level) and were hoping to get a cost estimate. We would need to have an evening (after 6pm) or weekend appointment. With thanks, Christina
Vicinity of Marlstone Ln in Fairfax
Need fence around swiming pool.
Vicinity of Coleridge Drive in Fairfax
I am interested in a quote for a fence on my property. I can be reached at .
Vicinity of in Fairfax
***Please do not call cell*** My wife and I are interested in a 6-7 foot privacy fence. We will need to include some existing chain link fence, and brush removal. Our goal is to have a fence in place as soon as possible, so please advise how quickly the project could be completed.
Vicinity of Elsmore Street in Fairfax
I have four fence panels that need to be replaced. I am looking for a free estimate on performing this work. I can send pictures or someone can come to the property to assess and provide the free estimate.
Vicinity of Tapestry Dr in Fairfax
We are planning to replace the fence in our backyard and put up a new one on both sides of our house in front yard sometime in late October this year. So, I was wondering if you guys could come out and give me a free estimate on my project. Thanks in advance!
Vicinity of Center St in Fairfax
Partial wooden privacy fence and gate(s) for back yard entrance.
Vicinity of North Lake Court in Fairfax
Moving into a TH that is fenced on the sides , but needs to be closed off for dog. Must match current fencing- wood slats/ a red wood color.
Vicinity of Savoy Dr. in Fairfax
Need a fence for dog containment in my small backyard. I would like to get an estimate.
Vicinity of Rosebay Ct in Fairfax
I would like an estimate on fence gate repair.
Vicinity of Trumbo Ct in Fairfax
I would like to get a price quotation for a privacy wooden fence of my townhouse.
Vicinity of Oakcrest Dr in Fairfax
Fence and possible deck renovation
Vicinity of East Constable Ct in Fairfax
Our fence is beyond repair and needs to be replaced.
Vicinity of Braddock Rd in Fairfax
Need 1000+ feet privacy fence
Vicinity of Old Hickory Road in Fairfax
I got your name from Angie's List. My permit for a freestanding 12' x 16' open deck, 22 inches high to walk out from my dining room, expires on June 11. I need the footings poured and inspected next week to keep from losing my permit. I also need a privacy fence put up to enclose my back yard along an old chain link fence. I need the deck started quickly, but it can be finished more slowly after the first inspection has been completed.
Vicinity of Paynes Church Dr in Fairfax
Would like estimate for new fence install.
Vicinity of Wheeled Caisson Sq in Fairfax
I have a fence that's coming apart and needs to be restored. I need an estimate for the work. This is repair work for an existing fence.
Vicinity of Lamarre Drive in Fairfax
New picket fence (1 gate) needed in the front of the house
Vicinity of Prince William Dr in Fairfax
Looking for 6' fence(Metal or chain link). Need free estimate.
Vicinity of Spring Rock Ct. in Fairfax
We have an existing wood fence along our property line that was damaged in a storm. We need about 50 feet or so if fence put in (to match existing), along with a gate. We also have a few other boards that need replacing.
Vicinity of Sessions Court in Fairfax
Would like an estimate on fence repair especially at front gate area, but would like someone to look the entire fence over to see if any other repairs are needed. Also need the fence to be cleaned and stained to a similar color as it is currently. I believe the current color is called "Sierra Natural". The gate is not locked so an estimator could come any time. It has been suggested to me that the two flower beds on the inside of the fence gate should be removed/regarded to minimize the wood rot currently affecting the sides of the fence at the front gate. Would appreciate advice about that as well.
Vicinity of Winscombe Ter in Fairfax
Deck 150sqft and fence for townhome needs staining. Please give us estimates. Thank you.
Vicinity of Ellenwood Dr. in Fairfax
Replace a broken wooden fence (25 feet.) Same type as the other unbroken fence. Material and installation. Estimation
Vicinity of Robin Ridge Ct in Fairfax
We'd like an estimate to build a fence section and install a gate. The opening is about 11' wide. The fence is about 70" tall. The slats are about 3.25" wide and .5" thick. I can email pictures if you provide an email address. Thanks.
Vicinity of Portsmouth Rd in Fairfax
I would like an estimate on at least a chain link fence, potentially some other material. Please contact by email, or by phone after 4pm weekdays. Thank you
Vicinity of Colchester Rd in Fairfax
Paddock 4 board fence 2200 sq ft
Vicinity of Laurie Place in Fairfax
I would like to fence in my backyard. There is a chain link along the back of the yard belonging to my neighbor and a post and rail fence along one side in poor shape. I am interested in a wooden picket fence particularly for the portions visible from the front of the house
Vicinity of McLean Ave in Fairfax
We are looking to replace a rotting fence to have the yard completely fenced in. Will need two gates.
Vicinity of Fox Lake Dr in Fairfax
New fence for backyard of my townhouse with 2 gates. Approx 77 linear ft and 23 linear ft of shared fence. Probably looking to just replace my fence and not the combined but possible to all together. - Dave
Vicinity of Llewellyn Ct in Fairfax
I need to have around 7 posts replaced that have rotted and my 6 ft fence is leaning
Vicinity of Rochester Dr in Fairfax
I just moved in and want to fence the back / right side yard for my yellow lab. I have a plot with the fence drawn if that helps.
Vicinity of Duston Place in Fairfax
We are moving into a new home on 10/31/15. We would like to get a free estimate for a new fence.
Vicinity of Collis Oak Court in Fairfax
A wooden fence with gate needs to be replaced. The fence is around the backyard (only) of a small townhouse. I would also like to get an assessment of an existing wooden deck for repairs or replacement if possible. The fence is the more critical need. Thank you.
Vicinity of Andes Drive in Fairfax
I want to replace my existing chain link fence with a wood fence of some sort. My preference is a 4 ft. fence if possible. I also want to extend the fence on the right side of the house as you're facing it up to the front of the house and possibly put the gate on that side instead of the other, or possibly in addition.
Vicinity of Luxberry Dr in Fairfax
Our deck needs repair. Some of the boards have rotted.. There are a few loose boards. One of the steps seems to be rotted. Sun damage
Vicinity of Eastlake Drive in Fairfax
We have a deck that needs to be cleaned, sanded and stained with some replacement boards as well. Please call the home phone to set up the free estimate. Thanks.
Vicinity of Hampton Lane in Fairfax
I just moved and really need a fence put up for my dogs, particularly my two year old lab!
Vicinity of Sayre Road in Fairfax
Looking into a back yard fence would like some privacy. Would like to get a quote for several different types of fencing.
Vicinity of STEVEN LEE Ct in Fairfax
Not sure what type of fence we will need. Just purchased property
Vicinity of Gainsborough Drive in Fairfax
Found you thru Angie's List. I am president of a community pool club. We had several trees fall onto our fences during a big thunderstorm a month ago. Two sections of perimeter chain link fence (6' tall, 8-ft sections) and much of a inner area 4' chain link fence (about four 8-ft sections) were damaged. We made emergency repairs to allow us to re-open the pool. We would like the fences to undergo permanent, professional repair. Can we arrange for a quote? Thanks.
Vicinity of Hollowview Court in Fairfax
Chain link fence damaged by falling tree branch during storm. Fence & gate appears to have fallen over and is partially leaning close to the ground. Need estimate to submit to insurance company.
Vicinity of Berritt St. in Fairfax
I'd like an estimate of installation of roughly 15 feet of aluminum railing around an exterior basement stairway, as well as 10 feet of handrail.
Vicinity of Chestermill CT in Fairfax
I have a privacy fence enclosing my backyard and during a recent survey, I found one side of the fence (~75') was not placed on the property boundary. I would like to have the fence moved onto the property line.
Vicinity of Commonwealth Ct in Fairfax
We had our chain link fence damaged with the storm the other day. We would like someone to come out and talk to us about the repairs/replacement. Thanks Our home number is or call the cell number we also gave. Am very interested in having an estimate done ASAP! Thanks
Vicinity of Water Oak Dr in Fairfax
Hi, can you please give me to a call to schedule a free estimate? Thank you very much.
Vicinity of Perry Street in Fairfax
We need a Fence installed along with new stairs for our deck that are less steep for our 15 year old golden retrievers. There are some old-growth concerns with laying a fence and we prefer to have a wood fence.
Vicinity of Robeys Meadow Lane in Fairfax
I would like an estimate for repair of a spilt rail fence, including about a dozen rails, 4 or 5 posts and adding a new gate. Thank you.
Vicinity of Inverness RD in Fairfax
Need to replace the fence in the backyard of my townhouse. Also need to clean, stain, and seal my deck.
Vicinity of Pavillion Lane in Fairfax
Please provide itemized estimates for repair of leaning/damaged areas of fence and estimate for replacement of back and right side (when facing rear of house) of fence. The gates do not need to be repaired or replaced. In order to minimize soil movement the owner had OSB covered with tar paper along the back fence below grade--he would like to re-use as much as possible to keep boards from prematurely rotting. The owner would also like us to ask if you offer any discounts for seniors. Thank you,
Vicinity of Amberleigh Way in Fairfax
Would like to replace current fence with composite fence and update deck with composite boards on floor.
Vicinity of Meadow Hill Lane in Fairfax
Just purchased home would like 6' privacy fencing on one side of backyard and two gate entrances facing street.
Vicinity of Saint Marks Pl in Fairfax
We need replacement fencing for about 3/4 of our back yard, 1/2 acre lot. Current fence is post/rail with wire fence attached as we have a dog. Would like estimate for aluminum.
Vicinity of Fairview Drive in Fairfax
Need new deck and patio to replace old deck. Need new fence to replace old fence. Looking to start project soon
Vicinity of Main St in Fairfax
Do you carry lattice fence panels- with square design? Thanks
Vicinity of Fairchester Dr. in Fairfax
Handrail wrought iron for front porch
Vicinity of Aspen Willow Drive in Fairfax
I am looking to have a patio re-done and a new fence put in at our town home. Thank you.
Vicinity of Heatherford Place in Fairfax
Need a backyard fence to keep the deer out!
Vicinity of Mount Echo Lane in Fairfax
Just adopted a dog and need fencing asap. Would be adding on to some of surrounding neighbors existing fences. A total of 80 Ft of 4 ft solid board with 2 gates. 15 ft of fence with gate to close off right side neighbor, 16 ft with gate to close off left side neighbor and 48 feet back to the fence in the back yard next to the right side neighbors chain link fence.
Vicinity of Elizabeth Lane in Fairfax
Need to have a fence built.
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