Work Requests in Herndon

MC Fence And Deck is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Herndon. Learn more about MC Fence And Deck's recent work requests in Herndon and nearby areas!

Learn more about MC Fence And Deck's recent work requests in Herndon, VA
Vicinity of Laneview Ct in Herndon
Remove old split rail fence and replace with new split rail fence along the back and one side of back yard. Also need remove and replace two corner sections with gates. (One side of the yard has a neighbor's picket fence already in place so we don't need to do that side.)
Vicinity of Plotner Farm Rd in Herndon
Install new deck and fence. this is a small town house in McNair Farm community.
Vicinity of Shallow Ford Road in Herndon
A couple of loose posts and replace section.
Vicinity of Graypine Place in Herndon
I have a piece of missing guard rail (I used to have a hot tub and took out the guard rail to get in the tub from the deck). Now that I don't have a hot tub, I need the guard rail replaced on the deck.
Vicinity of Middleton Farm Ln in Herndon
We are looking to have a fence around our property for some privacy and also for pets to move freely within the fenced area.
Vicinity of Valley High Rd in Herndon
Looking to install a new fence in a previously un-fenced back yard. Any fencing project will need to be approved by our HOA and will need to conform to Fairfax County requirements.
Vicinity of Worchester St in Herndon
We need to tear down and replace our current deck - it's currently 12x20 and we are interested in either keeping the same floorplan or possible extending it to 12x40. We are interested in treated wood, not composite.
Vicinity of Cheviot Drive in Herndon
We are looking to have a fence installed around a portion of our property. Would appreciate hearing ideas and talking through options with one of your consultants.
Vicinity of Aspen Dr in Herndon
Try to install wooden fence door and want to get a quote
Vicinity of Spring Court Chapel And Running Pump Lane in Herndon
Do you provide chain link fence for a tennis court? Do you repair existing fencing around a tennis court - e.g., gates need fixing, and one part of lower fence is bent outwards? Is there a special type of fence for tennis courts? I represent our Homeowners Association. We need bids for work and some assistance in understanding options.
Vicinity of Farthingale Drive in Herndon
Hi, I need someone to repair a board on the gate on the right side of the house (the bigger gate). The board that the hinge is screwed into has split, so the bolts aren't holding the gate up. This is a relatively new fence/gate, so I am surprised this is happening already. We will be out of town much of this week, if someone wants to come look while we are away, its fine.
Vicinity of Barker Hill Road in Herndon
A section of split rail yard fence on the right side of my house has collapsed and needs repair. I can send photos. Is this something you can do?
Vicinity of Williams Meadow Ct in Herndon
Deck needs refinishing, some boards warping and cupping
Vicinity of Sadlers Wells Dr in Herndon
Would like a quote on repairing/replacing fence
Vicinity of Terrymill Dr in Herndon
Moving into a new house on 6/18 (the one listed here in Herndon). Need a fence ASAP as we have 2 dogs. Currently there is a fence across the back of the yard, need it to come up on both sides ~60 ft per side. Would like wood picket style. Total need -120ft plus gate. Not able to access site for estimate prior to move in.
Vicinity of Bradwell Rd. in Herndon
Repair of swinging gates
Vicinity of Taustin Lane in Herndon
Replacement fence - board on board - same height at neighbors.
Vicinity of CASSIA ST in Herndon
Vicinity of Mansway Dr in Herndon
Replace a wooden fence, about 154 linear ft with one gate. Style to be determined
Vicinity of Carlsbad Court in Herndon
300ft. Want a new wood privacy fence installed.
Vicinity of Jeannie Anna Ct in Herndon
I need a new backyard fence and also would like a quote to resurface backyard deck
Vicinity of Rounding Run Cir. in Herndon
We need to replace our fence.
Vicinity of Misty Water Dr in Herndon
Hi. I wish to get a quote on a residential fence install. Please call back at the number provided. Thank you.
Vicinity of Muirkirk Ln in Herndon
Deck replacement
Vicinity of Kingstream Cir in Herndon
I would like an estimate to replace my wooden deck with composite. Thanks,
Vicinity of Dardanelle in Herndon
We would like our deck refinished and part of it screened in
Vicinity of Hillwood Ct in Herndon
I had a gate repaired last year by you, it is now unable to be closed as the same problem of it sagging has returned, I just got back into town from a 4 month trip and noticed how bad it is,
Vicinity of Woodcock Lane in Herndon
New fence install in my home.
Vicinity of HIDDEN MEADOW CT in Herndon
We currently have an Estate 6 board style fence and are looking to replace it with the exact same style fence.
Vicinity of Taustin Ln. in Herndon
Replace fence damaged in wind storm.
Vicinity of Terrymill Drive in Herndon
Install fence and shed
Vicinity of Taustin Lane in Herndon
A tree fell on our fence due to the wind. The tree has now been removed and the fence needs to be repaired.
Vicinity of Virginia Ave in Herndon
Currently have wooden gates. Wind whips up our driveway and has knocked down and damaged the gate on a few different occassions. Would like an estimate to replace the gates.
Vicinity of Rock Ridge Rd in Herndon
Recent wind damage to a roughly 30 yr old board-on-board style fence as well as aging requiring a minimum of some repair, if not replacement of some or all of the fence. The fence is about 5 ft high and about 250 feet long enclosing the backyard with a gate on each side of the house.
Vicinity of Parkstream Terrace in Herndon
Would love to have someone come out to give us an estimate on fence repair/replacement (sections and or full fence). Thank you!!
Vicinity of Oakhampton Pl in Herndon
Hello, I would like to get my deck sanded down, replace 4-5 boards, and either stain it or paint it (depending on what it looks like when it's sanded down). The surface is about 500 sq ft. Would you be able to stop by for an estimate this week, please? Thanks! Jose
Vicinity of Kinross Cir in Herndon
We need our fence and deck repaired
Vicinity of Bradley Acres Court in Herndon
I am a property manager (representing the owners) and this property needs to have the fence replaced. Also a couple of rotten porch planks replaced. Could you please provide a quote? Thank you.
Vicinity of Framingham Ct. in Herndon
Hi, I have a "shadow box" type of fencing, after the winds last week two posts are broken, and two fence sections fell down, also the top of the fence requires some repair. I would like to get an estimate for the work. Thank you.
Vicinity of Streamvale Circle in Herndon
Looking to get my fence finished up. I need one full side of the back yard and the connections to the house from each side.
Vicinity of Heather Down Dr in Herndon
We had damage to our wood fence during the recent wind storm. I left a voice message on Saturday but didn't hear back. Please let me know when you might be available to take a look or repair. Email is best way to reach me during the day as I can't always have my phone with me. I have some photos I can send via email also if that helps. It was not tree damage, just from the force of the wind so it is partially blown over and one panel separated to create a gap.
Vicinity of in Herndon
New vinyl fence
Vicinity of Thornapple Pl in Herndon
Repair and or replace wood fence
Vicinity of Taustin Ln in Herndon
Have some parts of the fence that fell over after the wind storm this weekend, need to consider whether to repair the section or replace the whole row.
Vicinity of Reneau Way in Herndon
Need a fence repair made. 1/3 of my fence line at my townhouse has fallen over due to the high winds.
Vicinity of Worchester St in Herndon
I have rotted boards on the back deck which I would like to have repaired, and a determination about the condition of all the boards. The deck is painted, not stained, which I totally sanded and repainted last year. On hot days sap bubbles up in places around the deck too.
Vicinity of Cedar Chase Road in Herndon
We have an exisitng metal fence installed by previous owners at our house. We'd like an estimate to move part of the fence line to accomodate expanding our driveway.
Vicinity of Butter Churn Drive in Herndon
Looking for a ground level screened in porch with stamped concrete or paver patio
Vicinity of Hiddenbrook Drive in Herndon
Looking to add a good-looking fence to compliment our home. Unfortunately must be wood or vinyl due to HOA nonsense. Hoping to start/complete the project before the spring. Think you can help?
Vicinity of Sugarland Valley Dr in Herndon
Just bought a house and would like to build a fence in the backyard. Requesting a quote.
Vicinity of Spring Knoll Dr in Herndon
New fence estimate
Vicinity of Fillmore St in Herndon
Need to have about 50 foot long wood fence installed to close in yard. (25 feet on each side of house.) 4 foot tall with two gates (one 3 feet wide and one 8 feet wide.)
Vicinity of Terra Cotta Circle in Herndon
Fence repair. A piece of the fence fell off. It's approx 10' long Fence, and was attached at just one corner of the townhome. I want to get an estimate to fix it or replace it. And another estimate to add a full fence with gate connecting both ends of the home such that the fence would be enclosing the backyard. Approx 20-25 feet long.
Vicinity of EDDYSPARK Drive in Herndon
No Concerns. Need an estimate on a Fence. Odd area, so need it professionally done. Financing would be ideal if possible.
Vicinity of Woodcock Lane in Herndon
New Fence install
Vicinity of in Herndon
Vicinity of Eddyspark Dr in Herndon
Deck replacement
Vicinity of Snowflake Ct in Herndon
I need repairs for the fence in my back yard, post re-enforcement, mailbox re-enforcement and fix both door hinges to make them operational..
Vicinity of West Ox Rd in Herndon
I need to finish fencving my yard for my pet and my children. There is some existing fence, so I'd like to go from it. I'm thinking chain link but am open to other fiscally equal options.
Vicinity of Vinehaven Way in Herndon
I'm inquiring on behalf of a client. He would like a wood fence with a lattice top installed ASAP. Please give me a call at your earliest convenience! Thank you.
Vicinity of Rainbow Court in Herndon
We have an HOA so need to find out what the rules are; We want a privacy wood fence.
Vicinity of Charlton Pl in Herndon
Working with town to het basic deck to code.cannot put valted roof ip. Need help. Money is a factor.
Vicinity of Harrison Hollow Lane in Herndon
Deck needs to be repair & fix or replaced. I have double deck, connected with stairways, but they all are old and faded. Need the estimates.
Vicinity of Rock Ridge Rd in Herndon
Install wooden backyard fence; 4 feet high, approx 220 linear feet. May have to replace 80 foot section (neighbor's fence).
Vicinity of Rock Ridge Rd in Herndon
Install wooden backyard fence; 4 feet high, approx 220 linear feet. May have to replace 80 foot section (neighbor's fence).
Vicinity of Sir Ramsay Way in Herndon
I would like an estimate for a fence and spiral stairs on existing deck
Vicinity of Hay Rake Ct in Herndon
Fence Repair and Deck Power Wash and stain
Vicinity of Rowland Drive in Herndon
Interested in getting estimate for backyard/side yard fence.
Vicinity of Kingstream Dr in Herndon
Looking for a quote to enclose backyard with a wood fence, thanks
Vicinity of Old Dorm Place in Herndon
Wood panels by the pond were knocked down by limbs. I would need them reinstalled.
Vicinity of Taustin Lane in Herndon
Hi, we're looking to have a semi-private wood fence installed around our property. We're looking to move fairly quickly on this project, so please let me know if you're able to come out to the property to give us an estimate. Thanks!
Vicinity of Parcher Ave in Herndon
To whomever it may concern, I need a couple different quotes. Quote 1 - Replace 16 8ft tall posts and attach old fencing to them Quote 2 - Replace 330ft of 8ft privacy fence - board on board Quote 3 - Replace 330ft of 8ft privacy fence - vertical board Please send me a quote as soon as possible. My fence is falling down. Thank you.
Vicinity of Arnsley Ct in Herndon
Deck restoration needed
Vicinity of Stone Heather Drive in Herndon
I had a pine tree fall on the wood fence in my backyard, which damaged one section of the fence. I'll need to replace the damaged section with the same fence as before to comply with my Homeowners Association guidelines. I'm interested in getting an estimate for the fence and installation. Thanks in advance for your help.
Vicinity of MCLEAREN RD in Herndon
Looking to replace a fence in our playground area at Cedar Run Community Church & Logos Academy. Planning to put a new playground and looking for put the fencing in once the equipment is installed. Would love get a quote within the next two weeks so I can make a proposal to the church elders. Thank you!
Vicinity of Rock Ridge Rd in Herndon
I would like to get a quote for a small fence (looking likely for dog ear picket fence) to keep the dog in more so than any privacy concerns. I do need HOA approval, but because there are trees in path I wanted to talk to you first about the best path and way to accomplish this. The yard is currently half enclosed already by neighboring fences, this would just complete the fence on the missing sections. I prefer meeting either early morning, 8AM-9:30AM meetings, or late afternoons after 4PM. Thank you. Keith
Vicinity of Thornapple Pl in Herndon
Need a fence for the backyard (solely to keep the dog in the yard and safe)
Vicinity of Jeff Ryan Dr in Herndon
I'm looking for an estimate for a fence replacement or repair. The fence is approximately 241'.
Vicinity of Havencrest St in Herndon
Approx 180 to 200 lineal feet of aluminum fencing with two gates.
Vicinity of Wood Crescent Cir in Herndon
Looking for installation of townhouse rear yard privacy fencing (approx 6ft height). This would include replacement of 22 linear feet of old existing fence, and 31 linear feet of new fencing (total 53 linear feet). Would need a standard door, and has a small plastic electric utility box along fence line (about 2ft x 1ft) that would need to either be boxed around or have a removable fence panel.
Vicinity of Monroe St in Herndon
Would like a proposal for a few different fence options. Would be ideal if we could meet Monday or Tuesday of this week.
Vicinity of Terrymill Drive in Herndon
I have a 4ft fence now but I just got a dog and he can jump the fence so I now need to install a taller fence
Vicinity of Veenendaal Court in Herndon
Please provide a free estimate to Replace an existing 6 foot wooden fence with a similar fence. Thanks
Vicinity of Woodcock Ln. in Herndon
New fence back yard estimate
Vicinity of Wood Crescent Cir in Herndon
Your phone number is not working.
Vicinity of Pinafore Ct in Herndon
Fence repair needed. Two fence panels held up with old shoestring. Missing boards. Warped boards. Gate posts and gate slanting and hard to open. Post caps metal and deteriorated.
Vicinity of Bradwell Road in Herndon
Would like an estimate for replacing an existing split rail fence along backyard property line.
Vicinity of Grant in Herndon
Fence in backyard. with a gate
Vicinity of Westwood Hills Dr. in Herndon
We are looking to fence our backyard with a six-foot fence (not a privacy fence -- one backed by wire of some sort) to protect an extensive planned garden from deer and keep dogs inside the fence. We have a plat of the land, but we will need to work with an HOA to have a fence approved. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Herndon
Need to fix or change fencing doors.
Vicinity of Park Crescent Circle in Herndon
The gate door is sagging and sticks or stays open all the time. Thank you.
Vicinity of Shallow Ford Rd in Herndon
Just moved into new home. All surrounding neighbors have yards fenced in. So we just need to fence in, on both sides of our house with gates on both sides.
Vicinity of Willow Glen Drive in Herndon
We are interested in both fence repair and deck resurfacing and would be interested in a quote for both. Thank you!
Vicinity of Folkstone Drive in Herndon
We would like to have our current chainlink/wood fence replaced with a white Vinyl/PVC fence around our backyard. We currently have a couple of Vinyl/PVC panels already up, but would like to replace the rest. We would need 2 gates, one at the backyard level and one at the deck level.
Vicinity of Caroline Court in Herndon
Need to complete a fence in our back yard
Vicinity of Frog Hollow Ct in Herndon
My gothic style picket fence (circa 1987?) is missing a few slats and one section has pulled away from another section (tree has grown around the fence). We have a very small dog and I need the backyard more secure. I would like an estimate for the repairs.
Vicinity of Madison Street in Herndon
I am looking to get fencing for my property. Attached is a survey for the property where I have outlined in Red and Blue a couple options for the border I would like. Below is the link to the survey. Link:
Vicinity of Dan Patch Court in Herndon
Interested in getting a quote for automatic driveway gates
Vicinity of Cold Harbor Ct in Herndon
We are looking to replace our fence, approximately 230 feet long, with a wooden 6 ft privacy fence. Thanks!
Vicinity of Lisa Ct in Herndon
The how has a fence that has fallen down. It needs to be replaced. A picture is available.
Vicinity of Lyme Bay Dr in Herndon
Replace existing old wooden fence with new wooden fence.
Vicinity of Crystal Wood Ct. in Herndon
Repair 2 sections of the fence/deck repair
Vicinity of Caroline Ct in Herndon
Looking for estimate to replace existing fencing.
Vicinity of Robaleed Way in Herndon
Can you please provide me an estimate for adding new fence to the backyear of my house?
Vicinity of TUCKAWAY DRIVE in Herndon
Install new wood picket fence with 2 walk-thru gates in back yard.
Vicinity of Arnsley Ct in Herndon
Need new fence for backyard
Vicinity of Jefferson Street in Herndon
Good afternoon, I was interested in getting 2 quotes, one for a wooden fence for 2 sides of my property, and one for 4" aluminum fences for the other 2 sides. I would also like to know if you build brick pillars for aluminum fences.
Vicinity of Farthingale Drive in Herndon
We had your company install a fence for us last year, and we are buying a new house and would like to install a fence there. We would like to have an estimate done on installing a fence at our new property. Thanks
Vicinity of Travelers Pl in Herndon
Interested in a PVC security fence 6/7 ft. How much do you charge per linear foot?
Vicinity of West Ox Rd in Herndon
Need boards to fix our horse fence :)
Vicinity of Bayshire Ln in Herndon
Looking to have my existing 4' semi-private vinyl fence extended to the sidewalk (about 33').
Vicinity of Hiddenbrook Drive in Herndon
Need one new fence installed, one moved/repaired. Two gates installed. All 6 foot tall, board on board, pressure treated pine wood.
Vicinity of Franklin Oaks Drive in Herndon
Would like an estimate to replace current fence with similar fence--split rail with two rail height--and also an estimate for three rail height. Got your name from Angies List. Quite impressive reviews! Thanks!!
Vicinity of Nestlewood Drive in Herndon
No concerns. Would like an estimate for a residential fence (wood) in our back yard. Part of Franklin Farm HOA, so I would like to hear options for some different styles that might be available.
Vicinity of Fort Lee Street in Herndon
(1) - Current IPE deck may have some issues with wood supports (footers - pressure treated) and needs to be evaluated and repaired plus additional support pieces need to be added. The deck does not need to be replaced as main flooring was replaced in 2006 with the IPE decking. (2) - Exterior building needs better access and we are considering having a deck built for that access.
Vicinity of Silver Beech Rd in Herndon
We recently purchase this home and it is in need of some masonry repairs on the brick steps and possibly the chimney (not sure if you do this). Additionally, we are looking to get estimates on a stone patio for the back, which would likely entail building a smallish deck to step down to the patio. And lastly, there is a fence on two sides, we'd like an estimate on what it would cost to fully enclose the back yard.
Vicinity of Jeff Ryan Drive in Herndon
Need a 6 foot wood privacy fence replaced in back yard.
Vicinity of Oak Farms Drive in Herndon
Fence in the back yard.
Vicinity of Dranesville Road in Herndon
Looking to replace an existing fence around swimming pool area. Approximately 216 linear feet.
Vicinity of Nestlewood Ct in Herndon
I am looking at replacing my back fence. I would like to get pricing on reg fence and double side fence.
Vicinity of Folkstone Drive in Herndon
Replace old deck with Trex Enhance composite materials for 16' x 20'.
Vicinity of Heather Way in Herndon
We need an estimate to install a 3 board split rail fence with 2 gates. Please call at
Vicinity of Southington Ln in Herndon
Angie's list referred. We may need to move part of an aluminum fence over to meet the property line due to neighbor's request- off on 1/2 of the line between neighbor's house.
Vicinity of Reston Ave in Herndon
Hello, We would like to get an estimate on a split rail fence for our side yard. If you guys have time to come out this Thursday for an estimate that would be great. Email is the best way to contact me, but phone works as well. Thanks! Rachelle
Vicinity of Terrymill Drive in Herndon
Desk quote
Vicinity of Worchester Street in Herndon
Looking to close in our back and side yard with a fence to let our kids out to play safely. We're on a corner lot on the main road of the neighborhood. Natural wood per our HOA and not very tall, maybe 4 ft.
Vicinity of Madison St in Herndon
Hi! We currently have a 4 foot tall wood fence, with what looks like chicken wiring running through it in our backyard, that we would like to have replaced. We're looking for a replacement for removing the older fence and putting up a new one. Thanks!
Vicinity of Worchester Street in Herndon
We'd like to get an estimate on a wood fence, primarily for pet/child containment. I guess the height we'd like is ~4', not the full 6' fence. Our backyard has two of the neighbors fences, so the right side of our house the fence would go from our house to the neighbors fence. On the left side, we'd like the fence to go from the house to the sidewalk, and around the back on the property line.
Vicinity of Rock Chapel Rd in Herndon
I am looking to complete a fence line. Three sides are completed because neighbors have their fences done. I am looking to do the connecting portions by my house. Looking for a single gate on one side and a double on the other. I am looking to get this project done ASAP.
Vicinity of WORLDGATE DRIVE in Herndon
We would like to put up a fence (bar rail) in front of our restaurant. Please call us and let us know if you can do it, please.
Vicinity of New Banner Lane in Herndon
I would like an estimate for removing my existing cedar picket fence and replacing it with a comparable fence, of either cedar or pressure treated wood .
Vicinity of Shaker Knolls Court in Herndon
We are waiting to settle on a new build in Herndon but want to get drawings and estimates done for a fence (iron) and deck (Trex). We are also interested in landscape lighting and with new sod on the property potentially an irrigation system. We have written approval from the builder to have these estimates done and are also having an enhanced survey performed of the plat done so we can be exact on placement and so we can deliver a plan to our HOA. Our neighbors had a fence installed that is black and appears to be ornamental iron. We want to do that exact fence.
Vicinity of Flagship Ave in Herndon
I currently have fencing around my back yard and would like to replace it, designing it a bit differently than how it is installed currently.
Vicinity of Pleasant Glen Ct in Herndon
We would like an estimate to replace our current wood privacy fence. It is 6 ft tall and approx 200 feet long.
Vicinity of Gilman Lane in Herndon
Power wash/seal deck. Need some boards replaced. looking to move quickly. need estimate and will move fast. As in this week.
Vicinity of Dakota Lakes Drive in Herndon
Replace entire fence, similar style, same height
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