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MC Fence And Deck is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Manassas. Learn more about MC Fence And Deck's recent work requests in Manassas and nearby areas!

Learn more about MC Fence And Deck's recent work requests in Manassas, VA
Vicinity of Kershaw Ct in Manassas
Looking do to a privacy fence + patio in place of an existing deck. Townhome style property in the Bristoe Station HOA.
Vicinity of Granite Ln in Manassas
Would like a quote for a 6' solid board wood fence along perimeter of our backyard. Approximately 150 linear feet with a gate on each side of the yard. Are you able to install along perimeter of property using the plot map or should i have a survey done and flags put in?
Vicinity of Thomas Dr in Manassas
600 feet 6 feet high
Vicinity of Contractor's Ct. in Manassas
Two gates, (one on each end) to enclose an area on our lot between a cargo container and our building. They will need to span 15" each and be at least 8' tall with privacy slats. They can be 2 piece gates.
Vicinity of Monterosa Place in Manassas
We want a fence that gives us privacy in our back yard and keeps our cats from escaping. I think a tall plastic fence is what we need. We'd like to get an expert opinion as well as an estimate. Thank you.
Vicinity of JUDITHS GROVE COURT in Manassas
Would like info/pricing on under the deck enclosed patio options
Vicinity of Dutchman Court in Manassas
Need estimate for the fence?
Vicinity of Macbeth St in Manassas
We are interested in cleaning up and replacing a tumbling down chain-link fence with a wooden privacy fence in the rear.
Vicinity of Grant Ave in Manassas
Fence and Patio Estimate
Vicinity of Harton St in Manassas
Build on existing fence and expand around property line.
Vicinity of Fortrose Dr in Manassas
We live in Heritage Crossing and would like to get fencing installed. You were recommended by other residents.
Vicinity of Centreville Road in Manassas
Vinyl fence to block view from street and enclose back yard of commercial property. We will need a gate. Estimate total length at aprox. 260 ft. 8 ft tall.
Vicinity of River Ford Court in Manassas
Vicinity of Flagtree Pl in Manassas
We are interested in tearing down our existing deck and building a new larger deck and possibly adding a fence as well. Both of our neighbors already have fences so I assume we would only need to connect to theirs on each side of the front of our house and then would need to construct some sort of fencing along the rear of the yard.
Vicinity of Token Valley Road in Manassas
I'm interested in having 2 decks built
Vicinity of Smith Ln in Manassas
About .75 acre lot fenced in to keep dogs and kids in
Vicinity of Thistlewood Ct in Manassas
We need a new split rail fence
Vicinity of Old Hickory Ct in Manassas
Need fence replaced and tree removed from fenceline.
Vicinity of Dutchman Ct in Manassas
I would like a quote on removing my old wood fence and installing a new simple wood fence with two gates . The fence is about 224-250sq ft . Would also be interested in financing if available depending on cost .
Vicinity of Fancy Farm Court in Manassas
We moved into the area and were going to wait to get a fence until we got a dog but have had a lot of deer and fox in our yard so thought maybe it's time. The entire street is sloped so everyone have a descending steep hill in their back yard except for us. Our yard is level with a retaining wall and pedestal lighting around the perimeter. It's also an hoa so there are odd rules and i think I'll need to give them my ideal design and a back up if they don't go for it. Would love to discuss and get a quote. Email is best. I rarely can pick up a phone call during the work day.
Vicinity of Doolittle ST in Manassas
I own a rental property in the Lake Jackson area that needs a chain link fence in the back yard to keep a 30 pound dog enclosed. The tenant has moved in and is needing the fence asap
Vicinity of Shining Wood Ct in Manassas
Repair or replace wooden double gate to wire lined split rail. And walk fence line to check for broken posts or rails.
Vicinity of S. Grant Ave in Manassas
Barrier gate needed at a church parking lot to secure the rear lot
Vicinity of Antonia in Manassas
Replace fabric, top rail and 2-3 gates reuse terminal post & line posts + add 2 Gate supporting posts. fencing need is for 240 ' paremeter
Vicinity of in Manassas
Hi, I am replacing my fence, but half way, I have other things to do. so no time to complete it. if you can give me an estimate to complete it, that would be great. also the old fence in the back yard need to be removed once done. thanks
Vicinity of Oak Street in Manassas
Just getting cost ideas if we were to fence in some areas of our backyard for a safe place for children to play
Vicinity of in Manassas
Hello. I would like to get a quote for a back yard 6 foot fence...
Vicinity of Jessica Ridge Way in Manassas
Need hand rail and side railing installed on front porch. Need back stairs to garage handrail installed / repaired.
Vicinity of Wycliffe Ct in Manassas
Need my 4x7 deck repaired or restored
Vicinity of Wellington Rd in Manassas
Need a chain link fence. 8' high. 3 sided. 14' out from an exterior warehouse wall, 21' across. And a gate.
Vicinity of Lee Manor Drive in Manassas
Trees came down on rear fencing, need estimate.
Vicinity of Castle Road in Manassas
A few trees came down and destroyed almost the entire back fence on our property. Need an estimate asap please.
Vicinity of Linblake Court in Manassas
I like to put a fence in my back yard. Could you please provide an estimate. Thanks. Sunny
Vicinity of Mcdowell Cmn in Manassas
Townhome fence replacement.
Vicinity of Hanson Grove Ct in Manassas
We are looking to build a deck and a fence and would love to know what is the process and price, and see if it will work for us. Thank you
Vicinity of Pettus Place in Manassas
Requesting a quote for a privacy fence in the back yard of a home we're purchasing. It is a triangular lot at the top of the cul de sac, with a neighbor's privacy fence on one side. Requesting a vehicle-size gate on one side and a person-size gate on the other. I can provide a plat drawing from 1987 showing the lot and the house. I can also provide access to the property once we have possession. (It may be possible to get access to the back yard prior to possession, but construction could not begin until after closing (June 1). Request lead time and time to complete estimates.
Vicinity of Rugby Road in Manassas
We purchased a house, and it seems as if the previous owners replaced part of the fence, but not all of it. One side is about 3/4 replaced, and the other needs to be replaced entirely. We have some new fencing material that was left on the property, and we have patched it up the best we could, but need a professional. There are also alot of bricks and wiring around the perimeter of the fence as it looks as if they were trying to keep some kind of pest out. Ideally this would all be removed with the new fencing as well.
Vicinity of Blandsford Dr in Manassas
We are looking to have a 6ft tall wood privacy fence installed on our property with 2 single gates and one double gate. Fenced in area
Vicinity of Brightstar Dr in Manassas
Looking for quote on 10'x12' or 8'x10 landing with staircase down to backyard With Trex material and 4' high fence around backyard at our new house we are almost done building. Move in is 27 May.
Vicinity of Sumner Lake Boulevard in Manassas
Want a quote to install a privacy fence, Currently have metal see through fence.
Vicinity of Signal Station Drive in Manassas
Repair/ restore, re-stain and seal screened porch. Needs new screens as well.
Vicinity of Anne Marie Lane in Manassas
Looking for a quote on a split-rail fence with wire mesh. Length of fence is 880 feet with 6 bends and two gates (1x simple walk out gate, and one dual-opening 4 foot gate - 8 foot total). Local for treated wood.
Vicinity of Hillis Ct in Manassas
Deck repair/replace. Estimate please.
Vicinity of Garrett Way in Manassas
Looking to get a vinyl fence installed at my townhouse
Vicinity of Lamont Court in Manassas
I have a 20' wide by 12' deep deck that needs repair. The 6" cap rail with 1/2 routered edges needs replacing around the top of the hand rail. The deck also needs to be power washed and stained.
Vicinity of Deer Path Court in Manassas
I would like to get an estimate on a fence and also a walkway and patio.
Vicinity of Dumfries Rd in Manassas
Hi, I am looking for 400ft of 6ft temp event fencing (chain link) for Friday April 20th one day event. Thank you
Vicinity of Hinton Way in Manassas
We've had a quote previously but our H.O.A stated we need to have another quote done with a detailed drawing and confirm the material type we are using for our patio.
Vicinity of Sunnygate Drive in Manassas
I'm looking for a white vinyl privacy fence with one gate. Thank you
Vicinity of Mayfield Trace Place in Manassas
An estimate for the invisible fence installation with all supplies included
Vicinity of Thornwood Lane in Manassas
I have a privacy fence I need replaced
Vicinity of Fancy Farm Ct in Manassas
Tree fell on wood picket fence in back yard. Damage to about 20ft of fence on slope.
Vicinity of River Crest Rd in Manassas
Vicinity of New Britain Circle in Manassas
My mom had a stroke but will be allowed to come home soon. We need to instal handrails on her concrete steps outside of her townhome so I can feel more comfortable leaving her at home alone.
Vicinity of Mariposa Dr. in Manassas
I am purchasing a house this Friday 3/9 and am looking to repair the existing fence and also to add onto it as well. Currently it has about 80% of the 4ft. Fence post in place just looking to install a 4 board cross section with a fence netting attached to it to keep in my dogs. The front of the fence needs posts on both sides of the house with a 6 ft. Privacy fence so my dogs can't see the road and bark at everyone who walks or drives by.
Vicinity of BAYBERRY AVENUE in Manassas
Would like to get an estimate on repairing/replacing 4 or 5 fence posts.
Vicinity of Kessler Place in Manassas
Fence door repair. Small hardscaping projects.
Vicinity of Frank Court in Manassas
I have a wooden fence surrounding our entire yard. the portion that covers the front, that includes an entrance gate has fallen into disrepair and at least that portion needs to be replaced.
Vicinity of SweetbriIar St in Manassas
Planning to have a deck installed . And for cost estimate
Vicinity of Lomond Dr in Manassas
Old unstable deck. Would like estimate
Vicinity of Hinton Way in Manassas
I would like to get a quote on a stone patio.
Vicinity of Moore Drive in Manassas
Looking to install a 6' aluminum fence in my backyard with 2 vehicle-sized gates and 2-pedestrian gates.
Vicinity of Nodi Court in Manassas
I was wondering if you do deck and fence repair? I had a tree fall onto my property causing damage to my metal fence and deck and was looking to get an estimate on home much it would cost to repair them. Thank you.
Vicinity of SUMMIT RIDGE CT in Manassas
I'd like a new screened in porch added to my existing deck.
Vicinity of Harvest Place in Manassas
Have about 20sections of 6x6 vinyl fence to be installed across back yard no gates involved
Vicinity of Flagtree Pl in Manassas
Seeking prices on split rail fence, expanding current deck with stairs.
Vicinity of Signal Hill Road in Manassas
Fence install with deck
Vicinity of Fortrose Dr in Manassas
Need To fence in the yard of our town home in the Heritage Crossing community in Manassas. We got your name off of on of the other fences in our community.
Vicinity of Mineral Springs Dr. in Manassas
Vicinity of Old Dominion Hunt Circle in Manassas
Price quote for a fence and deck
Vicinity of Knightshayes Drive in Manassas
Our deck needs cleaning and refinishing. Fence needs staining same color as deck.
Vicinity of Brandon St in Manassas
Want to repair and expand our patio
Vicinity of Landgreen Street in Manassas
Need to get an estimate on fence repair and also an estimate on repairing/replacing deck.
Vicinity of Lime Tree Court in Manassas
We want to put up semi privacy fencing in our yard and are trying to decide between vinyl fencing and wood. HOA requires any vinyl fencing to look like natural wood, so I'm afraid we may have no choice but wood fencing. The purpose is not only a bit of privacy but we have a large dog. So we are looking at 5 foot fencing. 4 foot will work as well, we are just researching options right now.
Vicinity of Yoder Street in Manassas
Current fence is approximately 30 Years old (Cedar and pine) that encloses the backyard and pool (approximately 320 feet). There are two gates on each side of the house (front) that are wide enough to allow access of my lawn tractor with a mowing deck attached.
Vicinity of Helmsdale Pl in Manassas
Just need to get my deck inspected and see if any repairs are needed.
Vicinity of Copeland Drive in Manassas
Need approx 290 linear feet 6' board on board fencing with two auto-closure gates with locking mechanism; approx 35 linear feet of standard 4' fencing with 3 gates, surrounding a pool. Need decking replaced at approx 1600 square feet of decking board only - posts and frame are good. remove and haul away existing fence; replace/install new fence & decking board,
Vicinity of Flager Circle in Manassas
Wind damage to rear of fence. I would like a quote to replace the back 4 panels, and a second quote for replacing the back and side areas. Thank you
Vicinity of Evans Ford Road in Manassas
Looking for an estimate on privacy fence down one(possibly two) sides of a one acre property. Street and North sides. Not looking for a hard sell, but gathering estimates.
Vicinity of Black Horse Ct in Manassas
Need repair of shared, builder-installed fence, and continue to fence in back yard. Townhouse. Please contact via email, not phone.
Vicinity of Yates Ford Road in Manassas
Price for a 300 foot long run of "dog ear" fencing along our back property line.
Vicinity of Crossbow Dr in Manassas
I have taken down some black vinyl coated chain-link fence and a Doublegate for a driveway expansion. I need that reinstalled and a new walk-through gate added.
Vicinity of Dublin Drive in Manassas
Existing ground level wooden deck-considering screening in half.
Vicinity of Janet Rose Ct in Manassas
I would like to receive an estimate on the construction and installation of privacy fence.
Vicinity of Sunset Dr in Manassas
Vicinity of Courtland Circle in Manassas
Wood fence 45ft deck 13by7 and stayer for deck
Vicinity of S Grant Ave in Manassas
Fence and deck redo
Vicinity of Culpeper St. in Manassas
Need 150' of chain link 1)50" gate and 5) 2 1/2" posts for gate and corner posts
Vicinity of Crestbrook Dr in Manassas
Looking to put a wooden fence around backyard
Vicinity of Fountain Circle in Manassas
Vinyl fence
Vicinity of Castle Rd. in Manassas
I'm looking to get an estimate for a fence, deck, and a paver stone patio at my house.
Vicinity of Fountain Circle in Manassas
We live in a townhouse both neighbors have fences and we would like an estimate to ours. Land has already been marked by Miss Utility
Vicinity of Evans Street in Manassas
Looking to see how much it would be for about 36 feet of fencing. We currently have the sides and backyard fenced so just looking for across the front - about 36 feet? Just looking for a price quote. Thank you :) -Kelsey 703.986.8361
Vicinity of Englewood Farms Drive in Manassas
I own a middle unit townhome and will need to put a fence. I have dividers between my unit and my neighbors, but I am thinking about putting a fence.
Vicinity of Signal Hill Rd in Manassas
Need 6' back yard privacy fence replaced
Vicinity of McKee Way in Manassas
Need fenced in backyard to contain pet. 250 feet of fence, one 5-foot gate, cheapest option possible. If wood, we can stain if that would lower cost.
Vicinity of Pine St in Manassas
Fence on the back yard
Vicinity of Baneberry Cir in Manassas
Would like to have an estimate for installing a new 6' wood privacy fence around our backyard.
Vicinity of Yola Ln in Manassas
Hi, we are renting a home in Manassas and have received permission to install a privacy fence in the back yard. I would like to know how much you would charge to install a privacy fence before October 1 when we arrive with our 2 dogs. I am currently stationed in Okinawa so email is the best way to contact me, but if you need someone present at the home to do the estimate, I can have my landlord's father meet you there. Thank you for your help. -Kat
Vicinity of Hutchinson Lane in Manassas
1/2 acre lot. Needs to hold 2 large dogs, but not obstruct view of the yard. Would like a spilt rail or wooden fence
Vicinity of Englewood Farms Drive in Manassas
Small backyard townhouse. Noticed you guys did a fence a few houses away in a new development Bradley square. Need to match existing privacy fence.
Vicinity of Levi Court in Manassas
We have a new home being completed on 9/23 and would like to build a fence and potentially a deck as well. I wanted to find out what some of the options and costs would be. Looking for a wood fence, maybe 4-6 feet high, probably 160-200 feet around. Looking for a wood deck as well or maybe composite - estimating 16x12 feet.
Vicinity of Main Street in Manassas
I would like to get a quote for a fence. Thx.
Vicinity of Counselor Rd in Manassas
Vicinity of Jessica Ridge Way in Manassas
I need Wood fence installation estimate
Vicinity of Edgewood Lane in Manassas
Vicinity of Brewer Creek Pl in Manassas
We are looking to have a wood privacy fence installed, we live in a townhouse.
Vicinity of Artillery Rd in Manassas
Looking for price quote on back and right sections of backyard fence using standard dogeared pickets.
Vicinity of Foxborough CT in Manassas
I would like an estimate for a wooden fence constructed at the rear of my residence, from left side to right side extending to the front corners.
Vicinity of Indian Moon Lane in Manassas
We would like to get a wooden privacy fence built in our backyard. Not sure about how big the area is - probably close to half an acre.
Vicinity of Hanson Grove Ct in Manassas
Backyard fence and deck repair.
Vicinity of Kristy Dr in Manassas
I'd like someone to come out for an estimate for a fence at our end unit townhome. Thanks so much!
Vicinity of Bradford Lane in Manassas
I would like an estimate for fencing for my backyard. I currently have an invisible fence for my dogs, and I'm looking for the most inexpensive option. I would imagine this would be either chain link, or split rail with wire mesh, or paddock? Thank you!
Vicinity of Levi Court in Manassas
We are purchasing a new construction home and plan to build a fence for our dogs. I am estimating that the backyard may be around 2500-3000 sq ft and wanted to find out approximately how much a 6 foot fence will cost.
Vicinity of Brandon St in Manassas
Looking to repair a fence.
Vicinity of Virginia Meadows Drive in Manassas
Want proposal to extend existing chain link fence at our building. Approximately 100-150'.
Vicinity of Champlain Drive in Manassas
I want to get a split rail fence around my property/home. I need approximately 300' with three each 5' gates.
Vicinity of Websters Way in Manassas
We are interested in getting an estimate for a fence.
Vicinity of Kessler Place in Manassas
We have some repairs items around the outside of the home that need to be fixed. Our fence needs some repair, we just replaced the upper part of our deck but the stairs need to be replaced (or just railing) and to be properly secured. We also need the fascia (trim behind gutter), rake boards along from of home to potentially replaced or repaired along with the soffit (under the roof overhang).
Vicinity of Kendrick Court in Manassas
After the storms on 20 August 2015, I noticed some ceiling and drywall wetness and bulging. It appears that I have roof damage from the storm and request an free inspection prior to assess the proper repair and cost.
Vicinity of Mineral Springs Dr in Manassas
Deck and fence estimate
Vicinity of Comm in Manassas
I would like an estimate on having a landscape design for the back yard, and front. I would also like the patio redone and the back fence redone.
Vicinity of Remington Rd in Manassas
Replace rear fence behind townhouse currently measures 8'3" section Gate 3' 2" (I realize most gates are 4' which is fine) 9'10" section Currently made of wood but interested in comparing w/non wood options. Gets hit with soccer balls and breaks along knots. Also have a HOA violation and need to replace a piece of rake board (maybe 12") along a firewall.
Vicinity of Tattersall Drive in Manassas
3 wood gates and SMOOTH white vinyl lattice repairs. Gate 1-The post the gate is attached to is warped not allowing the gate to open Gate 2-Fence as "settled" such that the gate is not wide enough now to close with lock. Gate 3-Also not quite wide enough and slates falling off. Additionally, I have a privacy screen attached to a purgola made out of pvc/vinyl. It requires 3 new pieces of 4'x8' smooth white lattice. I am easiest reached by email!
Vicinity of Choke Cherry Ct in Manassas
I have a small in ground pool with a concrete deck. We are looking for a fence to surround the pool and deck to keep small dogs out. The yard is already fenced, so we need just something around the pool and patio. Could be removable.
Vicinity of Whitting Dr in Manassas
You did a great job on my fence last year! I'd like a smaller fence around my deck with some lattice work to separate the patio from my dog park.
Vicinity of Bull Run Road in Manassas
Hi, I am interested in a 6' privacy fence that runs parallel on the sides of my backyard. The measurements are 73' x 85' with a 5' section creating a right angle from the 85' side. Thank-you, Jesse
Vicinity of Brandon St in Manassas
Need to repair and paint a fence.
Vicinity of King George Dr in Manassas
Wood front porch project.
Vicinity of Mathis Ave in Manassas
We need privacy fencing for the area covering our neighbors yards, and picket fencing for the remaining. We only need one gate. The yard is a little over a 1/3 acre. There is an existing fence (partial) but it will be removed prior to installation. We would like a quote for wood.
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