Work Requests in Vienna

MC Fence And Deck is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Vienna. Learn more about MC Fence And Deck's recent work requests in Vienna and nearby areas!

Learn more about MC Fence And Deck's recent work requests in Vienna, VA
Vicinity of Woodrow St. in Vienna
I need to replace about 115' of chain link fence with black aluminum fence or something that is durable and will last forever but won't break the bank.
Vicinity of Wexford Drive in Vienna
Yard is surrounded with about 6 foot high attractive black aluminum fence but I need a replacement automatic gate. Extra: This will be one of your standard models but I would like to have a line run to the kitchen to allow us to open the gate for late-leaving guests. Thanks!
Vicinity of Aubrey Place Court in Vienna
Vicinity of Ware St SW in Vienna
Need quote to repair/replace 30+ ft of chain link fence to due tree falling on fence. Tree has been removed. Need quote to repair fence.
Vicinity of Occidental Dr in Vienna
New wood fence install and replace small stair landing/deck from patio door to yard
Vicinity of West Street NW in Vienna
Need 4 ft fence for backyard. May also be interested in deck repair.
Vicinity of Shepherdson Ln NE in Vienna
We are in a townhouse complex. We'd like to fully enclose our backyard and add a gate. Currently, one neighbor has a full fence and the other neighbor has a partial fence. We back to trees and a shrub will need to be cut back to accommodate the fence.
Vicinity of Whipping Post Way in Vienna
Exterior metal (Steel or Aluminum ) Handrail fastened to Brick wall and front edge fastened to PA Bluestone surface
Vicinity of Wedderburn Station Drive in Vienna
Looking to install an aluminum fence in the yard of our new home. Fence will allow pets to have time outside off leashes.
Vicinity of Oakdale Wood Ct in Vienna
I need to replace the deck of my townhouse. Looking for an estimate.
Vicinity of Commons Dr NW in Vienna
Our wood fence is two years old, it was installed by the previous homeowner. The fence was not properly installed (post is not grounded) and it is now leaning over into our neighbor's yard. We need an estimate to finally get this work done. Thank you.
Vicinity of MacArthur Ave in Vienna
Vicinity of Church Street NE in Vienna
Vicinity of Corsica St. in Vienna
I would like to rebuild my deck. New wood, repairs if necessary. It would be good to have an estimate.
Vicinity of Tyson Oaks Cir in Vienna
Railing has rusted at the base and has been removed. The railing needs to be replaced. Three step stairway to front door. the The old railing looks like it was iron.
Vicinity of Cricklewood Ct in Vienna
The fence that surrounds are backyard is 20 years old and in bad shape. Not sure if its better to repair it or install a new fence. Leaning toward a new fence - new material and more privacy.
Vicinity of Oakdale Woods in Vienna
Deck restoration
Vicinity of Water Falls Lane in Vienna
Garden area approximately 25' square that needs protection from deer and critters and access for wagon and tools
Vicinity of James Drive SW in Vienna
I need to have a chain link fence installed at the rear of our property to keep out deer. Approximately 70 ft.
Vicinity of Colin Lane NW in Vienna
I owuld like to replace an existing 6 ft. wood privacy fence which is about 300 ft.
Vicinity of Audreys CT SE in Vienna
Fence repair
Vicinity of Cottage Street in Vienna
Need fence panels replaced from fallen tree/wind damage
Vicinity of Pine Valley Dr in Vienna
Replacement of a stockade fence that has rotted.
Vicinity of Drexel Street in Vienna
Minimally we need some boards replaced on our deck. Possibly interested in estimate for a new deck with materials that would be low maintenance.
Vicinity of Leesburg Pike in Vienna
We are at Capital Church. The fence surrounding the church campus is damaged in several places. Please contact me ASAP.
Vicinity of Battle St SE in Vienna
Wood fence damaged in wind storm
Vicinity of Westglen Court in Vienna
We would like to finish the backyard fencing of our property. You recently (December 2017) did our neighbors yard and did a partial gate on ours. We would like to repair the privacy fence in the back, add fencing to the left of the property with a gate. To the new and existing gate we want to add an auto close feature.
Vicinity of Beulah Road NE in Vienna
Replace two wood gates and repair fencing as needed. Re-stain fence.
Vicinity of Riviera Dr. in Vienna
Fence and gazebo estimate request for a project to be completed as soon. As we can get the estimates.
Vicinity of Beulah Road in Vienna
I need a new fence. I turned down the previous one. It will be approximately 170 feet long. One Door to access. A wood fence. With treated wood. Post into cement bases Style: alternated planks in each side. I would like to consider options. Option 1. Al fence 7 feet tall Option 2. Only ne side, 45 feet of 7 f. tall. Other sides only 5 f tall.
Vicinity of Rosaleigh Ct in Vienna
I am looking to expand my current deck and update the overall design with modern features. Also, need the below deck space to be completed.
Vicinity of Oakdale Woods Ct in Vienna
I would like an estimate for replacement of the fence and gate behind my townhome and a replacement of my deck to composite decking.
Vicinity of Drexel ST in Vienna
Would like an estimate on the construction of a deck. Ground level, new construction, no deck currently exists.
Vicinity of Cynthia Lane NE in Vienna
New fence was installed by MC Fence and Deck last spring, gate does not close securely.
Vicinity of Battle St. SE in Vienna
Looking to get a quote to replace my existing wood fence.
Vicinity of Carpers Farm Way in Vienna
Need deck replacement, demo and replace with trex flooring and PT frame - 540 square ft deck with 84 linear ft railing, part of deck extends over walkout basement.
Vicinity of Carpers Farm Way in Vienna
Need deck replacement, demo and replace with trex flooring and PT frame - 540 square ft deck with 84 linear ft railing, part of deck extends over walkout basement.
Vicinity of Tapawingo Rd, SW in Vienna
Looking for a quote to remove a chain link fence damaged due to a tree falling on it and install a new chain link fence approximately 50 ft. I need of immediate fixing.
Vicinity of Orchard St NW in Vienna
I just need a relatively short fence for one side of the yard. approximately 4-5 ft. As soon as can be scheduled. Thanks.
Vicinity of Holt St in Vienna
We are looking to have a fence done in our backyard and need to look at fence design options and quotes. We would need the work done between 9/27 - 10/12
Vicinity of Whitecedar Ct. in Vienna
Our back concrete patio is cracked and we'd like to cover over it and back steps with Trex . We are also thinking of a retractable canopy and possibly a built-in grill. the size of the patio is 14.5' by 17'.
Vicinity of Five Oaks Rd in Vienna
Looking to build a screened in porch over existing deck. Roughly 18x24. Door from house will present different options.
Vicinity of Wolftrap Road in Vienna
Want to install a new fence at my house .
Vicinity of Grande Oaks Ct in Vienna
Need repair to existing gate doir that does not clise properly. Poles holdibg the gate are wobly.
Vicinity of Mill St Ne in Vienna
Need estimate on sagging fence at Capitol building supply
Vicinity of MooreField Creek RD SW in Vienna
Deck and Fence Restoration
Vicinity of BEULAH RD in Vienna
A car crashed into our fencing, breaking several boards as well as knocking it out of alignment in two large sections.
Vicinity of Atwood Road in Vienna
We are looking to install a split rail fence with 3 gates for our backyard
Vicinity of Abbotsford DR in Vienna
Want an estimate on a picket fence.
Vicinity of YEONAs Dr. in Vienna
We need to remove the already existing fence with a new one.
Vicinity of Lakevale Dr in Vienna
I want to get my backyard fenced, because we get plan to get a dog. We just need enough fencing to keep the dog contained; we do not need full privacy. Part of the backyard borders on a greenbelt.
Vicinity of Course St NE in Vienna
Fence Replacement
Vicinity of Tetterton Ave in Vienna
Hi Could you please check my yard and provide fence options with pricing? Would like to have two doors on the fence. Thanks
Vicinity of Laurel Hill Rd in Vienna
Rear yard fence needs work - repair in some spots / replace in some. Post and split-rail with wire to keep animals in/out. Several gates. Perimeter fence and a dog-yard. May require HOA notification/approval. Although no changes to current look/materials so should be rubber-stamp quick to approve. Assume a site visit necessary for estimate, prefer late afternoons or weekend.
Vicinity of Battle St Sw in Vienna
Looking to install a privacy fence
Vicinity of Rockport Rd in Vienna
We are looking to build a fenced-in pen for our dogs.
Vicinity of Symphony Cir SW in Vienna
I am interested in having a cedar picket fence with two gates installed at my new home
Vicinity of Spring Ridge Lane in Vienna
We need to replace several fence posts.
Vicinity of Annies Way in Vienna
Need to replace about 220' split rail fence. Fence has black wire mesh for dogs and 3 gates.
Vicinity of Plum St Sw in Vienna
Vicinity of Meadow Glen Dr. in Vienna
Section of fence on in backyard needs repair/replacement
Vicinity of Oak Valley Dr in Vienna
I have a driveway front and want a long automated fence/gate to inclose it
Vicinity of Carpers Farm Way in Vienna
Looking to replace split rail fence
Vicinity of in Vienna
Need a simple (10x10 I believe) deck, made of wood built on the back of my house. Looking to sell, so do not want any bells and whistles.
Vicinity of Nelson Drive NE in Vienna
Would like to get a fence quote
Vicinity of Balliett Ct in Vienna
We have a fence in disrepair. The homeowners association wants us to fix it. We're thinking of possibly extending it to encompass our full backyard, which is much wider than is currently fenced in. We have a couple trees, and a hill, and we aren't sure what's cost effective, so we're hoping to get an estimate! You did a great job for my parents out in Leesburg, and they recommended you very highly!
Vicinity of Tyco Rd STe B in Vienna
I am looking to have a fence installed on our property. Just trying to get some quotes. Thanks.
Vicinity of Richview Ct. in Vienna
Replace split rail with picket fencing; replace side picket with new picket fencing; replace double hung gate; replace side gate; request pressure treated wood.
Vicinity of Pembslly Drive in Vienna
The fence behind our home is tilting, and it appears the posts need to be reinforced. We are hoping this is work that you may be able to do. We also need our front fence painted. Do you handle that type of work as well? We look forward to hearing from you.
Vicinity of High Drive in Vienna
I would like to install an aluminum fence and would like a quote.
Vicinity of Chanbourne Way in Vienna
Sagging wood fence. 4/5-panels that are 6 feet high. Need to reposition posts to be vertical, and repair panels where necessary.
Vicinity of Cobble Pond Way in Vienna
We'd like to enclose a section of our back yard as an area for dogs to play. Black fencing, vinyl or aluminum.
Vicinity of Hunters Crest Way in Vienna
Would like to meet to discuss the installation of a vinyl or PVC fence along a property line - would prefer to meet on Saturday, or during the week before 0800am or after 1800 -- please contact me via email / will respond within 24 hr. - cordially
Vicinity of Higdon Dr in Vienna
We moved into this residence about a year ago. It has primarily chain link fence, which we don't like the look of. Looking to update/freshen up - perhaps w/something more decorative, li,e aluminum fencing. Don't need privacy fence, so 4' would be about the right height. Saturday estimate would be appreciated.
Vicinity of Langholm Place in Vienna
I need to replace part of the fence and make it exactly to the specs of my HOA, ie a wooden fene with lattice on top, in total 6 sections of 8 ft wide.
Vicinity of Rosewood Hill Drive in Vienna
Work to be performed on existing 6 board wood estate fence. Replace 3 broken boards. Install approximately 300 lineal feet of coated/welded wire mesh for pet restriction on existing fence.
Vicinity of Martinhoe Dr. in Vienna
I'd like to get an estimation with different types(wood, metal) of fences around back and back+side of the house.
Vicinity of Bartholomew Ct in Vienna
Hi - I want a vegetable garden, and have deer in my neighborhood. Paul Thorman is one of your clients, and I love the one you did for him. I would like to get an estimate for something similar. The cell is the best way to reach me. Thank you!
Vicinity of John Marshall Dr NE in Vienna
Need 85' privacy fence along back property line, 6' tall, wood. Please use email to contact me, I cannot always answer calls.
Vicinity of Carpers Farm Way in Vienna
We have two gates to our backyard. The bigger gate does not close properly. I would like to get a quote for repairing it.
Vicinity of Coral Gables Ln in Vienna
I would like to get an estimate on wood privacy fence installation for my backyard to replace existing wood fencing.
Vicinity of Mountington Court in Vienna
Need to replace one side of my split rail/wire fence. Possibly part of the other side as well.
Vicinity of Carey Lane in Vienna
We would like an estimate for a fence that encloses our backyard. There is a fence on three sides, and we need a fence that will complete the square. Thank you.
Vicinity of Cerritos Ct in Vienna
Would like to install a split rail fence around my yard
Vicinity of Malraux Dr in Vienna
I would like an estimate for a fence for my back yard. I am looking at two options, aluminum and wood board_on_board. The fence consists of three sides, approx. 50, 12 and 12 feet each one. There must two gates, one on each of the short sides. Thank you.
Vicinity of Drexel St. in Vienna
Looking at my house from the street, the gate on the left side and the fence going to the back of my property needs to be replaced - I believe it's around 65 feet.
Vicinity of Judge Court in Vienna
We would like a quote for a 5' scalloped wooden picket fence for our back yard.
Vicinity of Palace Green Way in Vienna
We are interested in replacing an existing distressed cherry laurel hedge with a white picket fence.
Vicinity of LAUREN LN SE in Vienna
We want a 6ft chain link ( preferably green) to cut off a section of our yard. We are fenced all around, but have a dog who jumps fences!
Vicinity of Center St N in Vienna
2 needs: 1- Our HOA needs a new fence to replace a rotted fence running the perimeter of the property 2- I am interested in getting a quote for a new deck at my home. Can I have someone come for an estimate on Monday 8/3?
Vicinity of Brittenford Ct in Vienna
Need a fence ASAP! Pool build is ahead of schedule and need to get Yard fenced quickly
Vicinity of Brittenford Ct in Vienna
Need a fence ASAP! Pool build is ahead of schedule and need to get Yard fenced quickly
Vicinity of Liberty Tree Lane in Vienna
Looking at replacing a fence- on both sides of my property, plus one new gate. Looking for an estimate. Available Wednesday/Thursday of this week.
Vicinity of Hunter Mill Road in Vienna
We would like an estimate to install deer fencing around our property. It is approximately 800 linear feet consisting of tree and open areas. Would also need gate access on 2 sides. Not sure if you might also install driveway gates with openers.
Vicinity of Amanda Court in Vienna
My husband and I would like to have a solid wood fence built (with aesthetic design) in our backyard. The fence would need to be about 155-160ft in length total. We are looking for a completion date of July 17.
Vicinity of Amanda Court in Vienna
My wife and I just purchased a house in Vienna Virginia and need to build a fence in the backyard for our dog. We are interested in about fence around 6ft high, and have a decent idea of the design we are looking for. We will move in on Saturday 18 July and absolutely must have the fence installed before this date. Would love to talk to you about an estimate and getting started on this project! Thank you
Vicinity of Merry Oaks Ct in Vienna
Hello, I live in a corner townhouse in Vienna. I moved in a year ago and the previous owner had done repairs to the fence and it is two colors. I would like the fence power washed and painted? so that it is one color.
Vicinity of Harmony Dr. SW in Vienna
We recently built an addition, which required taking down a section of chain link fencing. We would need a new post installed at the side of the addition, a gate installed, and a section of new chain link fencing installed. This would be a relatively small project--the entire section we would need replaced/gated is about 8 to 9 feet long. Thank you.
Vicinity of Longford Court in Vienna
Requesting estimate on installing deck off the back of my townhouse. Deck would be the width of the house and half the length of the back yard. Do you also install french doors? thanks!
Vicinity of Rensselaer Ct in Vienna
We would like to replace the deck of a townhouse we just bought. The deck was built out of the code and it is unsafe. We would like to redo/resurface the deck's floor (16'x17'), rails, the steps landing (4'x5') and the steps. The deck's base frame is safe based on the home's inspector. In terms of material, regular wood, although depending on the cost, we are open to composite material that would last longer. Thank you.
Vicinity of Beulah Rd. in Vienna
I'm building a small pool house and need to remove portions of existing 6' aluminum pool fence and reinstall/extend the fence to tie into the structure. (3) 6' sections and (2) posts to be removed, and (8) posts and (7) sections to be added. Time frame: late June - early July. Communication by email is preferred, as I may be traveling.
Vicinity of Old Courthouse in Vienna
500 ft fence
Vicinity of Battle St. SE in Vienna
Our yard is fenced on 3 sides ( by the neighbors.)We would like to install a 6' chain-link fence with gates on each side of the house to keep deer out of the back. We could extend this ourselves with deer netting, but 6' is all that is allowed in Vienna. We would prefer chain-link instead of matching wood, so the light can get thru. I estimate about 40 ' of total fence(including gates.) Do you do such small jobs?
Vicinity of Tapawingo RD SW in Vienna
Need a front porch railing porch 4 X 6 Concret 3 steps
Vicinity of Spring Ridge Lane in Vienna
Replace existing wooden deck, railngs and stairs
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