Work Requests in Alexandria

MC Fence And Deck is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Alexandria. Learn more about MC Fence And Deck's recent work requests in Alexandria and nearby areas!

Learn more about MC Fence And Deck's recent work requests in Alexandria, VA
Vicinity of in Alexandria
Need to replace approximately 25' of old fencing in back yard patio with solid fence with trellis top trim.
Vicinity of Usher Ave in Alexandria
Purchased new home with three sides already fenced. Needing to complete the front section.
Vicinity of Cool Brooke Way in Alexandria
Screened in porch (with possibility of glass for 4 season use) to keep out bugs and enjoy drinks and meals in the back yard. Please contact via email first
Vicinity of Topper Ct in Alexandria
I want to replace my yard fence in. I live in a townhouse neighborhood. The fence is 18ft of length and want to make it 6ft in height.
Vicinity of Olivet Drive in Alexandria
Backyard fencing.
Vicinity of Bryan Street in Alexandria
-install tall white vinyl fence around back of property (with removal of old chain link fence) -construction of screened in porch
Vicinity of Morning Ride Cir in Alexandria
Looking for a fence to enclose the backyard for a dog. Landsdowne HOA.
Vicinity of E Nelson Ave in Alexandria
Replace one side of wooden fence in Patio. Fence is falling over.
Vicinity of Granada Street in Alexandria
Need 36' of 4' black aluminum fencing to tie in with existing pool fence. No gate needed
Vicinity of Jean Louise Way And Dorothy Bolton Court in Alexandria
I am the President of a small homeowners association located in Springfield-Franconia. We have approximately 1,300 lf of board-on-board fencing on our common area. The fencing was originally stick-built by the developer over 20-years ago. Approximately 130 lf (roughly 13 sections) requires repair or replacement.
Vicinity of Burgundy Rd in Alexandria
Looking to replace and add some privacy fencing and two gates to my back yard / driveway.
Vicinity of Shenandoah Rd in Alexandria
I need a fairly large area fenced, Approximately 90' x 90' x 130' x 75' Terrain is pretty dense with vegetation. Not worried about keeping deer out but rather keeping dogs in, Want a combination of wood posts and (some) horizontal boards but with wire mesh (approx 4 inch opening or less) to contain dogs, Will need 3 gates.
Vicinity of Terra Grande Ave. in Alexandria
Replacing an existing fence. But we are moving some lengths of the fence to a different location
Vicinity of Ridgecrest Drive in Alexandria
Looking to replace front panels of existing fence and get new gates on both sides of the house.
Vicinity of Mariners Mill Court in Alexandria
Wood fence install. Approx 139'
Vicinity of E Raymond Ave in Alexandria
Would love to get an estimate on a replacement for existing backyard fence in Alexandria, VA. Looking to get roughly 25-35 foot privacy fence.
Vicinity of Joyce Road in Alexandria
Remove existing wood fence across the back of yard and replace with a new wood fence
Vicinity of Yellowstone Drive in Alexandria
I am writing to arrange for a visit by one of your staff before submitting a proposal to install a deck/ a three dimensional room at our house.
Vicinity of Ridge View Dr in Alexandria
Would like a quote on fence replacement and deck repair or replacement.
Vicinity of B Farrington Ave in Alexandria
Install 4 chain link fence doors or gates on an already existing chain link enclosure
Vicinity of Dartmouth Ct in Alexandria
Need a gate on each side of our new house.
Vicinity of Lincolnia Rd in Alexandria
I need chain link fence gate installed on my 13ft entryway.
Vicinity of Rapidan Ct. in Alexandria
Looking for a new front and side fence. There is currently no fence, when we bought the house we had the home survey with boundaries points.
Vicinity of Rixey Dr. in Alexandria
Looking to install a vinyl fence from the sides of our house to adjoining fences to keep kids and a dog in the backyard. We'd like a gate on one side, maybe both depending on the cost. Total length of fence would be around 30 feet. The shorter vinyl fencing would work, we don't want the 6' tall stuff. Thank you
Vicinity of Kirkpatrick Ln in Alexandria
Need to have wood privacy fence added to enclose patio area. i have a townhouse and fencing exists on both sides. would like to have fence and gate installed.
Vicinity of Roxbury Lane in Alexandria
Replace deck
Vicinity of Zoe Place in Alexandria
Hi, need a quote for a new backyard fence. Thank you
Vicinity of Moon Rock Court in Alexandria
Replace deck with larger, approx 16x16 ft. new fence, approx 390 ft.
Vicinity of Brawner Place in Alexandria
We have a second floor deck that needs evaluating/repair as well as a small fence that needs either repair or replacing. We live in a townhome and have design guidelines from our HOA.
Vicinity of Manchester Park Cir in Alexandria
I bought the house and need fence for the backyard.
Vicinity of Landgrave Lane in Alexandria
Fence in backyard of new home
Vicinity of Heatherwood Drive in Alexandria
Replace existing fence with treated wood.
Vicinity of Fillmore Avenue in Alexandria
We have about 200 feet of old fence (a combination of chain link and wood fencing ) that we'd like to remove. In its place, we'd like to replace with about 120 feet of new wood fence (about half 6' and half 4'), likely using pressure treated pine but we are open to alternatives. We are reaching out to some local contractors to get some cost estimates. Thanks in advance for the help.
Vicinity of Fort Hunt Road in Alexandria
I need a 16' square gated pool enclosure for a 10-ffet diameter above-ground child's pool. Must comply with Fairfax County codes.
Vicinity of Maryview Street in Alexandria
Remove old metal fence and install new fence.
Vicinity of Everglades Dr in Alexandria
Pretty small job. I need to connect a section of existing wooden fence to the side of my house. The area that needs to be closed is about 20 ft. I need a gate built into the new section. The new section would need to be an approximate match to the existing fence, which is PT dog ear pine with a slight red cedartone stain. Redwood or cedar might work.
Vicinity of Commonwealth Ave in Alexandria
70 fr of fence
Vicinity of Joyce Rd in Alexandria
Looking for a 6ft vinyl privacy fence installation
Vicinity of Landess St in Alexandria
Need to install about 200ft of fencing around home.
Vicinity of Sunburst Way in Alexandria
We have a townhouse with an open backyard. On one neighbor's side it is already fenced, and we're interested in having the remaining perimeter fenced.
Vicinity of Taney Ave in Alexandria
Need to replace our wooden fence and our neighbors are interested in replacing their's also. Looking a options at materials. Maybe Trex but also Vinyl.
Vicinity of Morning Ride Cir in Alexandria
Would like to see what it would take to repair or refurbish our back deck and our front porch.
Vicinity of South Overlook Drive in Alexandria
Fence removal and replacement.
Vicinity of Taney Ave. in Alexandria
I would like a quote for an 8' wooden board-and-batten style privacy fence at the rear of my property. The length is approx. 60'.
Vicinity of Colonial Ave in Alexandria
Looking for price estimates and options for fencing in our front yard for our dog (~90ft of fence). Leaning toward aluminum or metal.
Vicinity of Skyhill Road in Alexandria
I am looking to replace an old fence with a new one - 60 feet long, approx. 5-6 feet tall, with a gate door at one end
Vicinity of Cedar Landing Ct. in Alexandria
Replace existing deck.
Vicinity of Woodlawn Court in Alexandria
Repair/replace portions of fencing around back yard of property, sections approximately 25 feet.
Vicinity of Vale Street in Alexandria
We would like to receive a cost estimate for A fence which is about428 feet around some of our property.
Vicinity of Clifton Knoll Court in Alexandria
I want to install a privacy fence between my house and my neighbor's house that is 50 feet long and 8 feet high made out of a composite material so it is low maintenance.  This is just a barrier to keep us from looking I to their kitchen while we are on our patio. We want to begin the work as quickly as possible.
Vicinity of Hayfield Rd. in Alexandria
I need a new wooden privacy fence on both sides of my house.
Vicinity of Heatherway Court in Alexandria
Fence is falling apart due to wear and tear. Would like a estimate on repair and or replacement. Also, deck repair estimate.
Vicinity of Donovan Drive in Alexandria
Sliding barn door fence design for our back patio and brick patio replacement (either with flagstones or trex material).
Vicinity of Adams Ave in Alexandria
We have a wood fence that is at the end of its life. We are thinking we would prefer vinyl, but don't want white. We have a pool and a dog, so we want a privacy fence that will also keep the dog contained.
Vicinity of Alexandria Ave in Alexandria
Split rail fencing. Back yatd
Vicinity of Gatton Square in Alexandria
Have a few boards that need replaced, but mostly need a facelift for a townhouse fence and patio.
Vicinity of Lillian Drive in Alexandria
We need a back fence which connects to both neighbors.
Vicinity of Castletown Way in Alexandria
Replace existing shadowbox trimmed top wood fence. one side is 20 ft long and 75 in tall and the front is the same except with a door in-between
Vicinity of Stirrup Lane in Alexandria
Looking to have a fence installed: about 50 ft/long board vertical lattice/ 2 gates
Vicinity of Elmwood Dr. in Alexandria
We have a fence that was installed by MC Fence via the previous homeowners. We are interested in moving part of the fence and getting a bid on additional fencing. Thank you!
Vicinity of Cooper Street in Alexandria
Looking for a privacy fence for the rear portion of the yard and front fencing with two gates (one on each side). We have side fencing from each neighbor and would like a complimentary design.
Vicinity of Morgan St in Alexandria
Hello, I would like to schedule a quote for a backyard privacy fence. There is an existing wood fence that would need to be replaced. I am interested in your vinyl products perhaps two color tones and 8 feet tall if possible. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you!
Vicinity of North Ashton Street in Alexandria
We are looking for a quote for 203 linear feet of fencing for a residential single family house; with two gates; 4 feet tall white vinyl non privacy fencing. Please provide us with an estimate, and then we can have you out to our property to determine final pricing. Thank you.
Vicinity of in Alexandria
Ground level deck for a townhouse.
Vicinity of N Early Street in Alexandria
Would like an estimate for new 6' fence.
Vicinity of Clouds Mill Drive in Alexandria
Would like to fence in our property so our dogs can run around and be safe
Vicinity of Prince in Alexandria
We have a privacy fence with several boards that need to be replaced. We also have two gates on the fence that needs to be replaced. We may also want to have the fence repainted as well.
Vicinity of Ashby Manor Place in Alexandria
We would like a patio created off our walkout basement and are in need of a quote . Currently we have a dilapidated wooden deck there.
Vicinity of Park Rd in Alexandria
We're looking to expand our fencing to include a playset built just outside the current fenced area - 2 sides chain link, and the front privacy. We'd need about 20' of fencing removed/reused to build 69' of chain link and 19' of solid board for privacy. We do not need a gate. Thank you.
Vicinity of Old Coach CT in Alexandria
I will be moving in to a home I purchased next week. I need to have the back yard fenced in.
Vicinity of Brick Hearth Court in Alexandria
Need replacement fencing for a townhouse off of Rt. 1 just south of Alexandria. Probably just need one side, the back and a new gate.
Vicinity of Eaton Pl. in Alexandria
Just trying to get someone to come out and make a repair on a fence that you installed last year. The gate is stuck... I've left phone messages, but can't seem to get anyone to call me back.
Vicinity of Richmond Ln in Alexandria
Need to install ~3 ft fencing to close off back yard on one side of house (some fencing exists), remove a section chain link fencing on other side, and then replace chain link removal with new fence.
Vicinity of Stewart Ave in Alexandria
We have two sections of missing vinyl fencing where a shed used to be (in a corner) - would love to get an estimate to complete the fence for us.
Vicinity of E. Luray Ave in Alexandria
We are looking to enclose our backyard with a fence to provide privacy and safety for our two young children and we are also interested in re-constructing the existing landing and stairs from our back door into the backyard. We have some ideas, but would like to discuss further to know what we should consider prior to having you visit and obtain a quote.
Vicinity of Sherwood Hall Lane in Alexandria
I need an estimate for a new fence.
Vicinity of Duke St in Alexandria
Needing a chain link fence to surround a dumpster. Dimentions 24'x24' with privacy screen
Vicinity of in Alexandria
Two part project - first is a privacy fence on the side of yard.
Vicinity of Ransom Place in Alexandria
I have an old deck that needs to be stripped and refinished
Vicinity of Knox Pl in Alexandria
We have 3 sections in our backyard leaning and the posts are coming out that need repair.
Vicinity of Taney Ave in Alexandria
Interested in scheduling an estimate for fencing in our back yard
Vicinity of Roxbury Ct in Alexandria
Need stomp removed and fence/gate behind townhouse needs replaced. stomp is in fence line.
Vicinity of Domain Place in Alexandria
Need to replace our deck.
Vicinity of Battersea Ln in Alexandria
Hello! We just purchased a home in Alexandria, VA and we're interested in installing a fence. We'd love to get your suggestions for fence type, as we are open to different options. Thank you!
Vicinity of N. Gordon St. in Alexandria
Two of my fences gates won't close due to apparent settling of the ground - would like them straightened out so I can close them.
Vicinity of S Hudson St in Alexandria
I am needing to have a 14x16' deck build and replace a current concrete patio. Looking for composite base and structure with tree boards on top and railing. Thanks! Michael
Vicinity of Joyce Road in Alexandria
I have some wood fence repairs and add a few sections
Vicinity of Culver Pl in Alexandria
Replacing existing picket fence with approx. 60-foot tall privacy fence on one side of our backyard and standard size fence to flank the house where the backyard begins, approx 35-feet on both sides. Also will replace fencing for an area that houses trash and recycle rolling cans. Appreciate getting an estimate from you.
Vicinity of E Nelson Ave in Alexandria
Would like an estimate to install a fence in our front yard.
Vicinity of Patent Parish Lane in Alexandria
Residential town home - fence section leaning and gate needs adjustment
Vicinity of West Braddock Rd. in Alexandria
We need repairs to our deck. It is a smaller deck on an end unit of a townhome. Need new floor and head boards.
Vicinity of Westfield Ct. in Alexandria
Would like an estimate to repair a wood privacy fence after wind damage.
Vicinity of AMBASSADOR WAY in Alexandria
Need an estimate for a new fence.
Vicinity of Dorset Drive in Alexandria
Looking to install a new wooden, pressure-treated pine privacy fence with diagonal lattice top and a double gate in a backyard. Thanks!
Vicinity of Bainbridge Rd in Alexandria
We have an existing deck (maybe 10x10) that we'd like to have replaced, and build a screened porch over it, tie that into the existing roofline.
Vicinity of Edgewood Ln in Alexandria
We have damage to our backyard wooden privacy fence from the wind storm that needs repair.
Vicinity of Hydrangea Dr in Alexandria
Roughly 23 ft of board on board wooden fence needs to be replaced.
Vicinity of Gardenia Court in Alexandria
Due to the nice windy conditions, my already on the ropes fence, is going to need to be replaced. Wood fence. I believe 6 foot.
Vicinity of Signature Cir in Alexandria
Need a new fence for an end unit townhouse
Vicinity of Fulton St in Alexandria
Need a quote for a 6ft fence for the backyard and 3-4ft fence for the front
Vicinity of E Alexandria in Alexandria
We would like to replace the wooden fence surrounding our backyard.
Vicinity of Admiralty Ct in Alexandria
Back fence replacement
Vicinity of Washington Road in Alexandria
Need my backyard fenced.
Vicinity of Brocketts Crossing in Alexandria
Replace existing fence
Vicinity of Summer Leaf Lane in Alexandria
Need wood fence in back of townhouse.
Vicinity of Woodacre Street in Alexandria
To replace an old deck for a new one
Vicinity of Tremont Drive in Alexandria
Vicinity of Garden Drive in Alexandria
Vicinity of S French St in Alexandria
I'm looking to get an estimate for a 6 foot pressure treated fence and to replace the stairs on my deck.
Vicinity of Helen Winter Terrace in Alexandria
Just purchasing a home and need a deck refresh. New deck boards, railing and steps to lower level.
Vicinity of Yellowstone Dr in Alexandria
Hoping to get estimates of different fencing options (wood vs. vinyl) for our backyard.
Vicinity of Laverne Ave in Alexandria
Hello, I am looking to have a new picket fence installed in my front yard. We would like a wooden spaced picket fence, 3 feet high, with dog eared boards. We would also. like the fence to be painted white. From other estimates we have recieved we know we need about 50 feet of fencing and just 1 gate with a self closinng hinge. Please let me know when you are available to provide an estimate. Thank you.
Vicinity of Wellington Rd in Alexandria
Looking for a fence (likely painted black aluminum) of 2 sides of the house. You did our neighbors fence and it looks really good. Plus a gate in front of our basement stairs (also black aluminum)
Vicinity of N Fayette Street in Alexandria
We'd like to have a chainlink fence removed and replaced with different material. We will need sufficient information on a quote to request architectural review board approval (Parker-Gray historic district).
Vicinity of Burtonwood Dr in Alexandria
Need a fence in back yard to contain my dog. I have an idea an like on of your installations in your image gallery. I would like an estimate to get it installed.
Vicinity of N Pegram St in Alexandria
53 foot cedar pool fence with three french door four feet wide
Vicinity of Kennedy St in Alexandria
I am property manager and my client is asking me to look for quotes regarding a shared fence: cost of left side 27 feet cost of wide back 19 feet cost of right side 27 feet timeline removal of the old fence warranty quality of the wood
Vicinity of Roudsby Court in Alexandria
Need to replace shared fence with neighbor and possibly the entire privacy fence around backyard of townhome.
Vicinity of Kenmore Avenue in Alexandria
We are looking to replace the doors to our dumpster enclosure.
Vicinity of Marilyn Drive in Alexandria
I want to replace my existiong wood fence along the 110 feet of our back property line. I would like a board on board fence 7 to 8 feet high. I also want the existing fence removed and hauled away.
Vicinity of Brocketts Crossing in Alexandria
Request estimate to construct a fence on my property.
Vicinity of Pole Road in Alexandria
Looking for a tall fence portion to block view from adjacent park. County tore down bamboo and park goers can view property because there is only a tiny chain link fence for a portion of the side.
Vicinity of Broadmoor Street in Alexandria
Existing privacy fences in backyard. The existing fence is dried out, and the fence sections are pulling away from the fence posts, boards are warping an falling off fence and recent winds have snapped several sections of fence, breaking the posts at the ground level. Whole fence including two fence gates should be replaced.
Vicinity of Range Road in Alexandria
Need a 5-6' chain link fence across the back of our yard. We have a fence on both sides and have a gate on one side already so it is just across the back.
Vicinity of Francnoia RD in Alexandria
Install Driveway gate 18 foot long between two columns.
Vicinity of Cypress Point Rd in Alexandria
Need to replace 2 sections of 6' staggered board fence. One section is approx. 14' long (including gate. The second section (shared with neighbor is approximately 18.25' long. Per homeowners association, fence must be unstained/unpainted wood.
Vicinity of Pleasant Point Ct in Alexandria
Need deck power washed and resealed. 4 1/2 ft 8 x22 fence with gate Planter boxes Privacy fencing to hide trash cans in front
Vicinity of Woodbine St in Alexandria
I would like a quote to have my back yard fence replaced. I am looking at a 6' tall wood fence for a yard that is about 30' long by 15' wide. In addition, I'd like a quote for adding a concrete patio (about 11' x 15') in the back yard.
Vicinity of Blue Grass Dr. in Alexandria
Hello I would like an estimate for a privacy fence around my back yard. I have a copy of the plat I can send. I would also like a patio installed. Thanks! -Adam
Vicinity of Hayfield Road in Alexandria
I would like to have an estimate for fencing (no gates needed, gates already exist) installed (over 6 feet wood privacy fence) in my backyard. Please respond via email about how to schedule an estimate and whether I need to be home for the estimate. Thanks,
Vicinity of Queen in Alexandria
I need a new gate to connect to a brick fence. The present wooded one has split.
Vicinity of Elmwood Dr in Alexandria
Hi, we're looking for quotes on a privacy fence. We found you on Angie's List. We anticipate getting started pretty quickly once we select the provider. If possible, I'd like to schedule an appointment this Friday to get a quote.
Vicinity of Summer Park Ln in Alexandria
Need to replace fence on end unit townhouse. Needs to be approximately same style as existing fence to comply with HOA rules. Fenced yard can be accessed from outside, so estimator could come any time.
Vicinity of Davis Ave in Alexandria
I'd like to install a privacy fence around my back yard. we are on a corner lot
Vicinity of Frost Lake Lane in Alexandria
Fence needs replaced.
Vicinity of Leewood Drive in Alexandria
Replace most of chain linked fence with a privacy fence.
Vicinity of Glassell Court in Alexandria
Replace chain link fence with post and rail
Vicinity of Meadows Lane in Alexandria
12x17 deck in need of repairs.
Vicinity of S Fayette St in Alexandria
Replace current chain link fence with new wood picket fence.
Vicinity of Gildar St in Alexandria
I would like to get an estimate for repairs to my fencing around my backyard.
Vicinity of E Marcia Court in Alexandria
We are looking for about 400 feet of fencing to keep our two dogs (one small and one medium) in and other critters out. We would consider all options to include 5 board estate with mesh, aluminum, and chain link mixture. We back up to a golf course and would like to minimize the impact on the view line. We'd appreciate a nice fence all around but if significantly cheaper and still nice we'd consider black chain link in the sides and back. Appreciate the time to provide an estimate. Thank you, Andrea
Vicinity of Ivy Cir in Alexandria
A section of our backyard perimeter wood fence has collapsed inward and is sagging. We would like to repair this section and perform any maintenance needed to preserve the rest of the fence. We are also interested in learning more about deck restoration services, but the fence work is urgent.
Vicinity of Edgemont Drive in Alexandria
We close on the 22nd and would prefer to have an estimate done on the 19th for repairs to the fence line from a tree that fell on it. We are also interested in replacing about 15ft of fence at the front of the house with vinyl fencing.
Vicinity of La Vista Dr in Alexandria
Need 4 foot aluminum black fence, smooth top...4 ft high. 141 ft with 2 gates. Trying to get estimates.
Vicinity of Wayne St in Alexandria
I would like to place a chain link fence around my side yard with a wood fence. The perimeter of roughly 1.000 square feet.
Vicinity of Valley Drive in Alexandria
I need to replace 150-200 feet of fence on two edges of my property line and would like to get an estimate.
Vicinity of Mount Pl in Alexandria
Replace hedge with approx. 55 linear feet of 6' high wooden privacy fence with 4' wide gate. Replace hedge with approx. 55 linear feet' of 4' high chain link fence with 6' high green vinyl coated chain link and 4' wide gate. Bamboo on neighbor's side. Large tree in back corner of lot. Connect both fences with neighbor's existing wooden privacy fence at back of lot. Intent is to keep pets inside.
Vicinity of Crossley Place in Alexandria
I am interested in an exterior back door handrail that has two steps.
Vicinity of Rockleigh Way in Alexandria
Looking to finish a fence around my backyard and update the upper deck (would like for it to encompass the entire backside of the house; currently stops short of the bay window). The deck was also built with weak support beams, so it shakes when you walk on it. Would like that fixed as well.
Vicinity of Stevenson Ave in Alexandria
There is an area in our dog park that is near the lower garage. Larger dogs are able to jump the barrier and get into the garage. We are looking to put some type of fencing there to prevent the dogs from jumping into the garage.
Vicinity of Sullivan Way in Alexandria
Need 230 linear feet of standard metal rail, painted black, 2x2 posts, 1x1 top and bottom, 1/2x1/2 pickets at 4" on center. Also can i get a price not using pickets, just top and bottom rails. I have drawing if you need it.
Vicinity of in Alexandria
Vicinity of Central Ave in Alexandria
3 to 4 boards on my fence are warping. What is the cost to repair and make sure it doesn't happen again?
Vicinity of Childs Lane in Alexandria
Build a wooden/chain link fence for our backyard.
Vicinity of Stone Wheat T in Alexandria
Need fence door in back yard deck.
Vicinity of Boswell Ave in Alexandria
Replace an 88' length of white cedar staggared 1"x 6"privacy
Vicinity of Westman Ct in Alexandria
Would like an estimate for deck repair and possible replacement with Trex
Vicinity of Powhatan Street in Alexandria
We would like to replace a portion of a fence in our front yard and the entire fence in our back yard. It will be a wood fence.
Vicinity of Union Farm in Alexandria
I want a metal fence with gates around my property. Thank you.
Vicinity of Mason Grove Ct in Alexandria
We would like a free estimate for a small residential fencing job. It is a condo association, so there are requirements that would need to be met (white vinyl, for instance. Approximately 15-20 feet from the house out to a retaining wall. There is an incline for half of the distance. We are home this Thursday and Friday mornings if available to come look.
Vicinity of Edgehill Ct in Alexandria
I'd like an estimate for approx. 62 Foot of wooden fencing for my back yard. Thanks in advance.
Vicinity of Elbert Avenue, in Alexandria
We need to repair/replace the fence for our playgrounds... two spaces approx. 50X25 and 40X25.
Vicinity of Doyle Drive in Alexandria
Looking to install a 6 foot wood privacy fence in our back yard. One gate, less than a quarter of an acre (not sure actual size)
Vicinity of Medinah Ln in Alexandria
Need to replace a railing on our front stairway entry. Old one was original to home and bottom rusted causing it to break.
Vicinity of Lincolnia Road in Alexandria
Would like to build an enclosed garden fence measuring 30ft X 50ft.
Vicinity of Farrington Ave in Alexandria
Looking for a new picket fence + 2 gates for the front yard, a privacy fence for the backyard, and possibly a privacy screen on one side of my deck.
Vicinity of Thayer Ave in Alexandria
I have a chain link fence that is missing a gate. The opening is only 3' wide. Most "off the shelf" options appear to be at least 3'6". Can you do a 3' wide gate and hardware?
Vicinity of Janelle St in Alexandria
Looking for a quote for backyard privacy fence. Interested in composite over wood, but willing to explore all my options. Thanks!
Vicinity of Tammy Dr in Alexandria
I need to repair a couple portions of our fence (posts). Please contact me on my email. Thank you very much.
Vicinity of Lakota Rd in Alexandria
Want to replace front wooden fence
Vicinity of Franconia Rd in Alexandria
Install single slide electric gate to my home
Vicinity of Mount Vernon Avenue in Alexandria
Interested in fencing for front and back yard.
Vicinity of Kentucky Ave in Alexandria
Looking to get an estimate for repair and limited renewal of existing privacy fence
Vicinity of Piedmont in Alexandria
I want to replace an existing fence. I think it is about 263 feet for full replacement and about 150 for just replacing the existing wood.
Vicinity of Leslie Avenue in Alexandria
I would like to look at an estimate for a garden fence for my new home please.
Vicinity of Wickford Dr in Alexandria
I would like to have new fencing installed.
Vicinity of Parsons Ct in Alexandria
We have a townhouse with 2 of the 3 sides of a fence (separating the two other houses next to us, but we have no back fence. It is~20 feet, and we need a gate as well.
Vicinity of Oak Drive in Alexandria
I'd like to have a split rail fence installed and would like to schedule a time for an estimate.
Vicinity of Four Mile Road in Alexandria
We are looking to replace a chain-link fence with, most likely, a wooden fence - 6 ft in the back yard, and shorter in the front. This would run in an "L" shape, with one modification for a gate.
Vicinity of Sequoia Court in Alexandria
Need 12' fence with large gate for dog enclosure. Chainlink.
Vicinity of Frye Rd in Alexandria
Fence is falling apart, I would like to get an estimate for repairing the fence plus an estimate for adding a fence in the front yard.
Vicinity of Moon Rock Court in Alexandria
Hi. I need an estimate for a fence as well as a replacement deck.
Vicinity of S Ingram St in Alexandria
Repair concrete front steps and install new iron handrails.
Vicinity of East Spring Street in Alexandria
I have two gates that I would like to have repaired and am interested in also having some fencing put up around the garbage bin area in my yard.
Vicinity of Quaker Hill Drive in Alexandria
New fence installation, with removal of the old fence. 53 linear feet. Wooden fence.
Vicinity of in Alexandria
Demo existing fence and replace with cedar 6 foot fence. Build low deck and stairs to French doors. Would prefer a material that does not require a lot of maintenance. Thanks.
Vicinity of Keeler Street in Alexandria
Need 6' wood fencing replaced and new additional fencing added.
Vicinity of Cool Spring Drive in Alexandria
We are seeking to meet with you to discuss having our old deck removed and a new deck built. We are thinking of pressure treated pine decking and white vinyl railings for the new deck.
Vicinity of Franconia Road in Alexandria
Would like an estimate for approximately 36 linear feet of a 6 foot tall basic privacy fence for the right side property line of my front yard. The last section (closest to the street) would splay from 6 feet to 3 feet for sight line purposes. Thank you, Rob
Vicinity of E. Nelson Ave. in Alexandria
I need 60 feet of 4' high black aluminum fencing with a gate installed on my front lawn. I'm looking for an estimate to move forward with service. Please include the original cost and the cost with the 10% discount for Angie's List Members applied. Thank you!
Vicinity of Evangeline Ln in Alexandria
I would like a quote to install a wood fence around the my back yard.
Vicinity of Vermont Ave. in Alexandria
Replacing chain link currently has two gates. definitely keeping one. maybe the second
Vicinity of Washington Ave in Alexandria
Referred by a friend. Buying a home in Mt Vernon want to fence the yard for our dogs. Corner lot large lot will need a gate for the driveway. Home will be closed on Weds. 7/1 will be living there by thursday and would want to get a fence soon.
Vicinity of Laverne Ave in Alexandria
I just purchased a row home that has an existing front and back fence and patio. We are looking to replace the front chain link fence with something that looks nicer and the back fence and patio are in need of repair. Thank you.
Vicinity of Bouffant Blvd in Alexandria
We have a fence around a pool. The fence doors have broken off along with some skewed boards that need fixing. We'd like to see how much it is to fix it and how soon it can be done. I am hoping for ASAP since it is a safety issue. Thank you!
Vicinity of Nevitt Way in Alexandria
You are presently doing a fence across the back from us. I would like an estimate for a fence to enclose our patio yard space. Your crew is doing a nice job across from us. Can u give me an estimate please.
Vicinity of Engleside in Alexandria
Son in Law added a pool to the backyard, need to add fence to back yard. I want a pretty iron/aluminum fence.
Vicinity of Grimm Drive in Alexandria
Need to replace two support beams on a second-story deck.
Vicinity of Audubon Meadow Way in Alexandria
Building deck
Vicinity of Commerce St in Alexandria
Remove and replace existing deck (not elevated) in rear of Old Town Alexandria townhouse
Vicinity of Hillview Ave. in Alexandria
I am looking to fence in my back yard with a fence tall enough that my dog cannot jump over it. She can clear a 4ft fence from a stand still position.
Vicinity of E Walnut St. in Alexandria
I am looking to replace my existing wooden fence with a cedar one. I'd like a fence that looks good from both sides because my neighbors are splitting the cost of their side of the fence. Thanks.
Vicinity of Parish Glebe Ln in Alexandria
We have an interior townhome and would like to put a fence in. One neighbor has a fence already installed and the town homes already have about 10 to 15 feet for each home. Looking to finish this off on my property. I will have to get HOA approval first but looking for an estimate. Does the company file any permits needed?
Vicinity of Cooper Street in Alexandria
We recently purchased this home and would like to add a deck leading out to the backyard.
Vicinity of Portner Rd in Alexandria
Want to replace plastic fence with ornamental iron fence
Vicinity of Fiske Pl in Alexandria
Repair to wrought iron railing around patio.
Vicinity of Fort Hunt Road in Alexandria
Four foot wood fence in front, one gate on each side of house. Six foot privacy fence on both sides of property. Back fence remain unchanged.
Vicinity of N Payne St in Alexandria
Snow plow hit pushed snow into the fence and is leaning badly (back gate). Also we have a few pickets that are warping.
Vicinity of Del Ray Ave in Alexandria
Small two level deck - roughly 6x13 and 18x13 and a new fence (roughly 56 ft long). We'd like the fence to be part privacy and part a little open air to let breeze and light through. About 32' of privacy and 24' of more open. There js an existing 32' fence to remove and an existing brick faced hollow stoop and brick stairs that would also need to be demoed.
Vicinity of Beauregard Street in Alexandria
Looking for deck repairing if needed and painted.
Vicinity of Bayliss Place in Alexandria
We are interested in a quote to replace the railing on our front porch. Right now it's metal, but would like a nicer composite material most likely. Also, have future fence and patio plans that would like your advice on.
Vicinity of Oakbrooke Ave. in Alexandria
Can do estimate any day bur Friday this week for chain link fence repair in backyard (tree fell on fence).
Vicinity of Wilton Woods Lane in Alexandria
I would like iron railings along fairly steep front steps, plus also along the brick wall next to driveway.
Vicinity of Queen Street in Alexandria
I have fencing/patio door around my patio in Old Town that needs replacing.
Vicinity of Oakbrooke Ave. in Alexandria
Chain link fence repair-tree fell on fence in back yard and now needs to be repaired. Would like an estimate.
Vicinity of N Pegram St in Alexandria
Vicinity of E. Randolph Ave. in Alexandria
We are looking to remove and replace our old, rusty chain link with a wood fence. Part-privacy fence, part short fence. Front and back.
Vicinity of Elmwood Dr. in Alexandria
I have a 6 foot chain link fence that had two large oaks fall on it in two places during one of our last storms. It looks like the posts are OK and the chain link can be pulled back up, but the top rails will need replacing. I've had the trees removed from the fence.
Vicinity of Duke Drive in Alexandria
I would like to replace several sections of chain link fence with a new fence, either wood or vinyl, depending on the price points. One of these sections of new fence would include a gate.
Vicinity of Bound Brook Ln in Alexandria
We need a 4ft vinyl or possibly aluminum fence installed in our flat backyard with one gate Measured previously @ 160 linear ft. We are bidding this out and looking to install very soon. Thanks.
Vicinity of Crestwood Dr in Alexandria
Replace roughly 80 foot aged fence along side and rear of property, single gate.
Vicinity of East Marcia Court in Alexandria
We would like a wood fence to keep our two dogs in. Something nice that will look great.
Vicinity of Memorial Street in Alexandria
Need help with exploring options for fencing yard (containment for dogs) and patio or deck! Thanks!
Vicinity of Welch Ct in Alexandria
Fence installation
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